"no recorder found" msg

8424 Hi!
Mac powerbook g3 wallstreet
233 htz
325 ram
Yamaha 8424 burner
SCSI connection

I’m a novelist. Most of my work and back up is text. I have a Yamaha 8424 burner and it, along with Roxio Toast Titanium 5.2, has probably been the most problematical hardware/software that I own. I have successfully backed up on the equipment, but with frequent glitches.

At present — and this is why I am on your group (our group?) (which I fortunately found on a web search) — to find out how to solve my most recent, and worst, problem which is that I am getting “recorder not recognized” and I am finding no way to get it recognized. After much unproductive consulting on the Roxio discussion group, I realized that a yamaha (or burner hardware) group would be much more appropriate. My connection burner to mac is scsi.

What’s the difference between posting a new thread and posting a post?

Do you have a “notify by email” function to advise me when someone has posted a reply to my post? Or do I come back to this url preiodically to see if there are any replies?

Thanks. I am open to any and all feedback, preferably the type that will tell me how to fix my back up so that I can be on my merry way, publishing novels of great adventure and hot torrid sex which I will announce on this site when they are out.

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I never had problems with this drive, either as SCSI or ATAPI version.
Is the SCSI chain correctly terminated? How many drives are connected, in which order?

No chain. Terminator on.
I do (italisized.) have problems, so it’s not as though no one has ever had a problem with this set up. It only takes one person to have a problem to get that it is possible for there to be a problem. If you or another member has constructive feedback, or can simply say “I don’t know” I’d appreciate hearing it.
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8424 Rafael

He did offer some advice. The attitude you have taken with it though will probably make no one want to help you any further. Good luck.

Wow, nice. Not only did you not bother to see that most folks here aren’t Mac experts, but you bashed the one guy who offered to help you. sigh

Try another drive. Lots of things could have gone wrong. Do you have any other SCSI devices? Do they still work? It could be the cables, it could be the internal wiring between the plug and the drive itself, or any of a dozen other things including some complex termination issues. Without another device it’s hard to rule anything out.

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