No record in PAL Mode

I’m purchased a Liteon LVW-5005 in Uruguay, South America Region 4 (but the recorder is Region 1).

So, I used the ILO / LiteOn SMART Firmware Hacker! ( for Macro and LP mode, and it worked well when the 5005 is configured for NTSC system (in the setup menu). But
note that I’m using only PAL input into 5005. However, since the 5005 is configured for NTSC and the input coming in is PAL, when I try to record, the system errors out saying “Wrong Signal Type”. Can anyone help me please?



PS. I have a firmware file (for USA)
My old serial number is 0102-1140-0085-F2SC (000-010B).
The after upgrade S/n is 0102-1140-0098-F2SC (013-0108).

I’m not sure exactly what machine you have ?
region 4 or 1 but --region 1 doesn’t record pal only ntfs.

Hello hexmechanic. It forgets my previous messages, was confused.

I need to eliminate Macrovision, activate the LP mode, and to change to free region, on my LiteOn LVW-500A recorder.
I have proven to do it with ILO/LITEON FIRMWARE HACKER V1.4b, in v098 and works, but it does not accept but the signal is PAL (it says type of incorrect signal).

You can help me?

These are the data of my equipment.

Model name: LVW-500A
S/N: 611423002935
Manufactured date: June 2004
Firmware: LNFA1098
Drive: F2SC
Int. S/N: 0102-1140-0098-f2sc (003-010B)
Region 1
My place: Uruguay, the South America ( PAL system & Region 4)

Thank you very much

Pablo Riera

hola pablo me conestas al email de montevideo uruguay o al 200 44 90