No Read on DVD on a DMR-EH75

I have a DMR-EH75 that suddenly stopped reading dvd’s (no read). Per other threads I read on the forum I removed the top of the drive and carefully cleaned the spindle and lens. No joy - the device is still getting no reads. I noticed that the device does one seek quickly followed by five others. At the end of the last seek the no read message appears in the window. I also noticed that the laser does turn on briefly but only when it is in the down position. I also noticed that the spindle turns a bit but it never speeds up as it should when the DVD is being read. Finally I noticed that the unit always attempts to read a disk after power on even if there is no DVD in the device or even if it is in HDD mode. I don’t believe this happen before I had this no read problem. Does anyone have any other suggestions of other things I can try before I pay to have Panasonic fix it? Note- I reset the unit more than once thinking that perhaps the microcode was hung up somewhere but that didn’t help either. Finally has anyone the DVD changed by Panasonic? If so what was the charge? Thank you.

Maybe the motor is fried or needs lubrication. Since its pretty dead, try lubing the motor with WD40.

The motor does turn freely. I also noticed that the DMR-EH75 front panel display keeps indicating that there is a disk in the drive even though there is not. I tried resetting the code by holding the up and the stop buttons but that didn’t change things. Does anyone know how the DMR-EH75 senses that a disk is in the drive? Perhaps this will give us a clue to what is wrong and how to fix it

It would either be a load sense on the motor or the optical pickup will sense it.

I say its time to build a HTPC :wink:

OK I’ll bite - what’s an HTPC?

Home theater PC. Its a low power computer that can play all types of media (music and videos) and send it to your HDTV or receiver. It can be equiped with a TV capture card or tuner to record TV as well.

Thank you.