No read after 2500 burn?

hi guys
new to the forum so easy on me ok :smiley:
after a rma of my 1300 recorder they sended back to me a 2500
but the prob is this
i writes without a problem
but after i have written to the disc (movie) it can’t read it anymore
i have a 2510 also and that 1 is not able to read it also
if i burn the movie on my 2510 there are no problems at all
the burned movie does play on my standalone without problems
but this way i am never b able to backup my backup again :frowning:
i tested the disc on my parents pc (1 i burnt with the 2500)
and they can read it !!!
tried all types of FW i am able to burn my arita’s 4x rated @8x
but i just want my drive to b able to read the discs to

if it helps there r both on the same cable other cable r my hdd
both set master/save the way it should b
any help would be great

no 1 ??

It seems that your NEC 2510 as a read problem, return it to your shop for a new one.

the 2500 can’t read it also after the burn
when i burn with the 2510 they both can read the disc

up! I have the same problem, any solution?

mailed you already m8
i had the same problem
2500 will not create working backups on my system 2
2510 (tdb fw 2.16) works great
but it only produces good burns if i don’t burn from sata drive
when i burn from ide there r no probs real strange but true :frowning:

i sold the 2500 :frowning: