No Protection Found

I scan my data cd with all the cd protection detection tools. all of them came up no protection found. I use clone cd, I use alcohol 120, I use blindwrite to make a copy of Mastering your computer cd. When I put the copy in the drive. I get this error message "This program cannot run without the original cd in the drive. I tried daemon virtual drive. Nothing works.Please, help me to make a good copy.

Which ‘cd protection detection tools’ did you use for scanning and did you just scan your disc or also the install folder of your application?

I used all the cd protection detection tools that I found here like a ray scanner, protection id. All of them came up with no protection found. I can only scan the disk because there is no installation folder for this cd.When I try to make an image of this cd, I got this error : disc error at :2219, disk read error at:2220, disk read error at :2221, disk read error at:2221. I had a complete image of the cd.Anytime I insert the copy. The programs keeps asking me for the original cd.

I have a similar situation that the programs listed here can’t find what protection it is. I made tried creating an image of it with CloneCD and WinISO. When mounted with Daemon Tools, it launches the program. Blink one time and gives an error message “Please put CD-ROM in drive” with OK or Cancel options. After hitting “Cancel” a few times, it prompts the dialog box “Floating point division by zero.” I would get the interface but no actual content or graphics.

This is a medical program called Interactive Knee by Primal. I want to make images so I can access all content without swapping CDs. Any suggestions?


What program/game are you trying to back up?

I still have problem to back up Mastering your computer cd programs. I can create an image for it. But when I try to mount it with daemons tools or anyother vitual drive, It asks me for the original disc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

use a program with the skip bad sectors option for copying. Alcohol’s safedisc or safedisc 2/3 will copy it fine. your app probally checks for errors on the disc

I use the program with skip bad sector error. I made a 1:1 copy of SafeDisc with Padus Disc Juggler. When I try to open the program. It still tells me that the program cannot run without the original disc.