No program to run cd

hey i got a question with my comp. its an old comp. when i put n a cd… it has no program to open it with…im actually trying to put in the restore cd, becasue my memory is low and theres like no programs on it… any idea’s…i tried to do a windows update but the program is so old it says windows is expired or someth’n so i cant get windows media player

What OS are you using? Give a few computer specs please.

I dont know what OS is i think opp. sys. but its a windows xp 2002, with a compaq desktop pro

my comp has windoes 2000 on it and windoes xp im hoping to remove the windows 2000 when i do the full restore cause i still got the windows xp basic that i can install i just might have to get a deff. key

What happens when you put the CD in the drive then go to My Computer, right click on the CD drive, and select explore?

it says that the cd is not the right format, but then i did someth’n i dont remember what, and it gave me the option to (open file to read) or take no action… but then i tried to even do the read…and it said the cd was the wrong format…but its the cd that came with the comp.

No idea’s?

I’m not sure what’s going on. You say this is a restore CD? Have you tried to boot from it. Check your bios and see if you can set the boot order to CD rom first, then insert the CD and see if it boots.

Can you read any other CD’s in the drive? Like an audio CD or another program disk that you know works?

I dont know how to do the boot from, im on the computer right now that im having problems with,…and no it cant read any other kind of cd music or anything.

I just think i dont have a program, that can open it…for example with a media cd (i cant but some eles would) some1 would use windows media or someth’n…but when i try to open this compaq quick restore cd… it has no program to open it with, same problem when trying to open windows xp home edition.

[QUOTE=bnantz;2212526]I dont know how to do the boot from, im on the computer right now that im having problems with,…and no it cant read any other kind of cd music or anything.[/QUOTE]

If you can’t read any CD’s then something is probably wrong with the drive. It may be unusable. You don’t need any special software to open a CD and see it’s contenets, this is built into windows.

It is possible that these are boot discs that you are inserting which means you can only use them by booting from them and windows wont know how to open them. To boor from a CD/DVD you need to access the BIOS menu when your computer starts (usually by pressing Del to enter setup) and then find the “boot sequence” menu. From there change the cd/dvd drive to be the first boot option, followed by the HD. Then when you save and restart the computer with the disc in the drive it will give you the option to boot from the disc.
A word of warning… make sure that you have all the drivers you need to reinstall the operating system before you do it or you may have problems reinstalling it.

If you cannot even read media CD’s then either the drive is dead or the operating system is corrupt, possibly the drivers.

what should i do, i just tried putting a music cd n and went to D drive and hit explre and it said insert cd…but right after i put the disc n i got a lil disc symble next to my pointing device on (mouse) so i think it reads it just not functoning

Sounds like the CD drive may be dead, especially seeing as this is an old computer. If you are planning on reinstalling the operating system, then i would recommend trying to set the CD drive to be the main boot drive as you will need to do this anyway to do a restore like that. If you can boot from the restore disc then the CD drive is probably ok.
If the drive is dead then picking up a new CD drive is pretty cheap these days, just make sure that it is one that is compatible with your older operating system.

Alright thanks i will try to do a boot from disc once i remember to step by step from what u said earlier… thanks again though

Just to make sure, all i do is turn my comp off then his det. after it ask if i want windows 2000 or windows xp and then find the boot sequence and change it to cd/ dvd correct?

no, in the first few seconds after you turn on the computer, there will be lots of information and somewhere at the bottom it will say press del to enter setup. It maybe F1, depending on your bios.

Do remember that if you get XP working that it will only work ONCE
with a particular serial number and then often only on that particular MoBo.

a Win XP “restore” disc WILL NOT “install” XP onto a win2000 system.

there IS a 2000-to-XP “upgrade” but it never works as well as a full “clean” install
of win XP, it does have the advantage of USUALLY saving you from reinstalling all
your other software and the exhaustive process of setting everything the way you like it.