No Problems with my 716A TLA 0001

I’ve been reading alot of the discussions about the 716A and I haven’t experienced any of the issues I’ve seen posted here. The TLA on my burner is the 0001. I haven’t burned a single coaster using TDK 8X -R ,+R or Sony 8x +R.
I had a problem with the cheaper CompUSA and Memorex brands but after installing Firmware 102, now I can burn these as well without any problems either.
I know you guys are waaay more technical than I am and instead of using test graphs, I’m using the resulting product I see on my TV. That may be naieve but I gotta tellya, I love this drive. No problems, burns quickly and with the new firmware, a larger variety of discs.
Just in case though, I have a Sony DRU-710A in reserve. :wink:

Was I just lucky or what? :smiley:

Depends on what speed you wrote the discs at.

Did you write at 16x or 12x? As that is the speeds where it fails to keep up with the competition. 8x or lower should work satisfying already.

Mostly 8x. But once I got my hands on a short stack of Verbatim 16X, I still haven’t had any issues with the 5 movies or so I’ve done so far.

Sounds like good news - a second working PX-716 sighting, woohoo! Not very convinving without scans though.

Glad to see you haven’t had any problems with your 716A. Though, it would be nice to see some scans.

Not a problem folks. Just let me know which testing program you’d like for me to use (Nero or Plextor). I’m still kinda new to all this but I’m willing to give you guys my results for examination. I also have a few Verbatim 16X’s I can use for this purpose and it won’t hurt my supply. I’ll try a few on my own and attempt to copy and paste the results here…

Wish me luck!

You can use Nero CD-Speed for a read transfer rate graph, but if you want to do error scanning you’ll have to use Plextools Q-Check.

Tanx… I’ll start with the Nero CD-speed and do a transfer rate graph…

Tanx… I’ll start with the Nero CD-speed and do a transfer rate graph… Now, how do I get the image into a reply for you to examine?

Thanks Cman45 for the offer. In addition to Two_Degrees request:

In Plextools Professional 2.18:

  • CD/DVD Info: Please note the Manufacturer ID, Media ID and Product Revision. This is the Media ID of your disk. For example, TDK +R media ID might be RICOHJPN-R02-00
  • Drive Settings - Advanced: Enable PowerRec uncheck.

Run Nero CDSpeed create data disk (or press F9)
Save the graph by clicking the floopy disk icon on the top right.
Go to Plextools again

  • run Q-Check PI/PO test (Sum8 test), wait about 28 minutes until its done. Adjust the chart in Preference - Error Limit.
  • Right Click on the chart and save as html or png. I usually save as html and capture the html file with my favorite capturing program. If you don’t have one, you can save as png.

Post the pictures (Nero CDSpeed create disk and Plextools PI/PO scan) here.

  • In the bottom left of this screen there is an icon “Post Reply”. Click that.
  • To post pictures you can click “Manage Attachments”.

One example is

Cman45 is gone from the “Currently active list” , but he might try the Q-Check now ?
It would be better to have him online so we could assist if he has a problem/question … :eek:

I might go offline now to connect two computers , but I’ve left an answer and a question at Duckmans 2’ thread for You zevia !

C U :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Been busy these last few days folks but I’m back and ready. Thanks for the directions on what to do and how to do it. I’ll post soon as they’re ready…

Here’s my first attempt at this:

Here goes:

CMan, if you look at the top scan, there is a horizontal black line at about 280. PI errors at SUM8 (shown on this graph), shouldn’t cross that line. So it looks like discs with over 4GB burned at 16X on your burner will have difficulty reading at the end. OCFreak showed improvement with firmware 1.03, available on the Plextor Europe site (just click on Europe from the Plextor homepage). I used to think this was mainly a hardware problem, because some burners burn great and others very bad, but it looks like Plextor’s getting a handle on the difference with firmware. I suspect most discs put special features, etc., in the high area of the disc so you never saw the problem on playback. Burning at 8X and 12X has never been much of a problem in the 716, just the highest speed.

I appreciate the information Beeder. Since firmware 1.03 is available, I guess I’ll go on and download that. However, I have to wonder if the 716A will ever get the high speed results that are similar with the 8X and 12X results. Perhaps this is the price we’ll have to pay for burning at the highest speed available today. Are there comparable graphs for other burners with a better performance rating than the 716 available for examination?

Here’s my newest scans using Firmware1.03. Verbatim16X I did see some improvement in the PI/PO scan.

Cman, unfortunately that scan is not an “improvement”. Max PIE is above 280 and we call it “coaster”.

Very true. But does it play OK in your set-top player, Cman? You’ll have to go through every extra, every “behind the scenes” clip, every menu to be sure. Sometimes I wonder if Cman isn’t correct and people like me obsess too much over scans. Most of my DVDs are data DVDs (not movies) and even the bad scans are readable - until a POF shows up, that is.

FTP, all my backups play fine on my set top boxes. When I use Shrink, I just do the movies now and skip the BS extras that take up space unless I really want the behind the scenes stuff and that’s rarely. My 16X discs play as well as my 8X so, I’m happy. I’m just careful what I feed the 716A. No bargain discs… :slight_smile:

Zev, I’m not sure if this burner will ever get below that 280 threshold so, I’m gonna live with it. Again, I haven’t noticed any serious degradation in my movie backups or the 5.1 audio tracks so the 716A is doing exactly what I bought it to do. That is to make good backups of my movies and store data. I’m not asking too much from it… lol