No problems, just want to say thanks!

I have been away from home traveling to many places for over a year, upon returning home, I found that the NEC DVD burner install in my main PC at home did not work any longer, it is completely dead.

Before I go ahead a purchase a new one burner, I thought I might as well install an old ND-2500, which has been sitting in a closet collecting dust, and burn lots of digital video from my travels and things. So it was going to be slow no matter what the firmware, but I was betting it would work for a while.

This old drive had a very old firmware in it, so it would not burn dual layer DVD’s, I was aware that it was never meant to, but that is exactly what I needed to burn at the time.

This was a big problem, but I found the URL that pointed me to Liggy’s and Dee’s modified NEC and Optiarc firmwares and downloaded all the necessary files to convert the drive to an ND-2510 and to make it burn dual layer DVD’s.

Everything is working even better than I expected, and am now on my 10th dual layer Verbatim DVD burn and they all work fine on 5 different set top DVD players without a problem!

So, I just want to say a BIG thank you to Liggy and Dee and to everyone in this forum who has come up with workable solutions to a myriad of problems we, the readers, manage to get ourselves into. :clap: