No preview video

After updating to I lost the video in the preview window. I uninstalled that and installed, but still no video. I have a Macbook Pro using VMware Fusion for Win XP SP3. But till now, I haven’t had any problem like this.

Thanks for any suggestions.

I don’t know beans about a Macbook Pro, but back a couple or so beta versions the Preview settings changed with the update…at least for some of us.
Most user issues seemed to be related to The Decoder settings switching from DirectShow to Internal.
I would check all your settings in Preview…I know that signals found something else had changed in his settings.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the response. DirectShow is checked for Preview. I couldn’t find the thread Signals posted about this problem. Perhaps someone can link me to it.

I tried using Stormjumper’s clean uninstall and removed

I downloaded again and installed it. Still no Preview video.

Did a clean uninstall again, put on and still no Preview video.

The only other software on Win XP SP3 is WMP 11, because I only put it on so I could use DVDFab. And Preview was working before.

Anyone have any other ideas?


It does not work for me with v6.0.0.3 unless I put a check in the first box in Common Settings->Preview, the one that says “Show Preview window automatically”. It does not show the window automatically, but it will now open and run manually. You may have a different problem, I’m sure I’ve used it since This one is a bug in the UI.