No Power!


I have been using a Gigabyte GA-81945G motherboard, with 512MB RAM, DVD, 80GB SATA HDD, 300W PSU. I used the built in sound card and video. All was well - until now- my PC does not power up!

I have tried the following -

The power supply has a seperate power on/ off switch. When i switch it on - the lights in the keyboard lit up and go out. The USB camera makes a beep (possibly indicating that it works?!) When i press the front panel on/off switch nothing happens.

I have checked all my wiring and have traced the switch on/off cable to the motherboard and have also shorted it - still no luck!

I do not have a voltmeter to measure the voltages that are coming out - but i wonder if they will if the fans etc do not work!

Any ideas before i take it to the repair man!

Please help!

Welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

My first thought would be the PSU (I’ve had a couple of no-name ones go out with the symptoms you describe). How old is it?

About a year and half - the chassis is also from gigabyte - so i assume it is approved from them! I was under the impression the gigabyte made good stuff and so bought it from them!

Replace the PSU.

PSUs are jobed out for the lowest price don’t trust them; some will last for years some fail out of the box.