No playback of VCD 1.1 on the 5005?

I’d been using a Terapin brand VCD recorder up to now, and have a lot of VCDs made on it. These play fine in my Apex DVD player.

Now, I’ve found that my 5005 doesn’t seem able to play them. It recognizes them as VCD 1.1, but just keeps spinning the disc and not playing it. I can hear the movement inside, but no playback. Also, when it’s doing this, it seems “stuck”, since I can’t even stop it, open the drawer, or shut the machine down.

The only thing that works is using the remote’s “power” button to shut things down.

The other buttons on the remote don’t work, and the buttons on the body of the machine don’t work.

Once the remote has cut the power, I can turn it back on and immeditely hit “open” and get the drawer to open.

This has happened to every one of the Terapin-recorded VCDs I’ve tried in the machine.

Anyone else had anything like this happen?

I’ve yet to try using the 5005 to RECORD a VCD, so I don’t know how it’d react to one of its own.



Does anything recorded on CD media (audio CDs or other VCDs) playback in your 5005? If they do, then at least we know your drive is recognizing CD media. Another poster (garygad) is having a problem where no CD media can be read or recorded. So I’m wondering if your problem and his are related.

What firmware version are you running and do you know which drive model you have in your 5005?

Since the thread-starter, I recorded a VCD on the 5005 and it played back fine. Seems it does recognize at least CDs that it’s made.

The firmware is the version it came out of the box with. As for the drive, I have NO idea. Only had this thing for just about a week, and have only used it for a few days. Haven’t opened it, and don’t plan on doing so. (I have this funny thing about things catching on fire…I’m SO experienced with electronics. Heh!)

@gastrof - Is it the same media you used in the Terapin?
No fire :iagree: - unplug, take out a few screws and take a peek. On my 5005A there were no warranty stickers to void.

Glad you were able to record a VCD. At least this indicates your CD burning and reading capability is OK. You can find out your drive type one of two ways. If you open the unit (it is just a few screws and the top slides back and up) you will be able to see the drive very clearly and read the model number. Alternatively, if you post your “internal serial number” we can tell what type of drive you have and the version of system firmware you have installed.