No PIE, but lots of PIF

Hi all,

A client of mine brought some DVD issues to my attention as I was trying to duplicate a disc for this person and my Acard duplicator unit kept stopping mid way during the pre-scan of the disc (Verbatim -R MCC03RG20). I figured “bad disc”. I had the client make me an ISO file and I built a fresh disc on my systems. No problem with the duplications now.

I began investigating why the prescan failed and, though it failed, why it plays so well in DVD players and does not generate CRC errors when checked in Roxio’s DVDInfo Pro CRC scanner. This is what led me to research PIE/PIF tests. Very interesting stuff. When I scanned the Verbatim disc in a SONY DVD RW DW-D56A, I received:

Total PI: 0
PI Peak: 0
PI Avg: 0
PIF Total: 12415
PIF Peak: 167
PIF Avg: 35

I ran it again; same outcome. Replaced the disc with the newly burned DVD (Memorex -R CMCMAG.AM3) and received:

PI Total: 14613
PI Peak: 116
PI Avg: 34
PIF Total: 1511
PIF Peak: 14
PIF Avg: 4

What do you all make of this Verbatim disc? Why does the Verbatim disc not recover from a single PI? The client brought in 4 different Verbatim discs. they all produced similar PI/PIF test results with zero PI. Thanks, SVS

I’m not sure why the Verbatim disk scan did not report any PIE’s.

The problem is the very high PIFs. For your Sony drive, PIFs should idealy not exceed 4 and you have a peak value of 167.