No penises please, we are American!

A US publisher offered a book deal to a German author, but asked her to modify a picture in the story…two kids are in an art gallery and somewhere in the background is a statue with a 1 mm willie…it will have to be removed before the book can be offered to the American public :eek:

The author told the publisher to get lost.

1mm? Not a case of penis envy, then. :wink:

As usual the size of the willie is greatly exaggerated; according to the linked story the willie is only half a millimeter! :stuck_out_tongue:

ok…is it just me…i clicked on the ENLARGED pic of the …penis in question…and i still have to say…“where is it?”

OMFG! It’s arachne in the painting next to the little man :stuck_out_tongue:

Sigh, [edited: oooooooooops :o:o ]

There’s a cute little cat curled up next to the girl in the painting … look closer :wink:

Misunderstanding, post edited accordingly. Sorry :o…mind you, the woman in the painting’s wearing a horrid dress anyway :wink:

Thanks for the enlarged pic, my eyesight’s crap, didn’t spot it the first time. Didn’t see the willie either. :o

I guess cartoonists are a little behind the fashion industry :iagree:

edit Arr … I see how that comment could have been misconstrued :wink: /edit

Yep. And that cat is huge :eek:

Maybe the woman is just small :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe they’re both fat :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone´s got a bigger problem than the dick on the picture…

haha that chick is locked onto that little dick

About time. America is already full of dickheads. The last thing they need is more of those things!


only in Washington DC starting with little bush

Heheee thats whats to be expected.

I wonder who or what division in the United States actually performs these standards on what’s ethical or not-ethical. What rating board makes which rules based on what rule settings?

I agree that there are just some pictures, words and other forms of multimedia that can be very shocking to a (young) mind, but any dickhead can understand that this picture is meant as a joke and not as some weird sexual perversion or underlining meaning. Even those dickheads at the mentioned rating board. How long do they think they can hide under these stupid rule settings?

what i think is so stupid is the same people who are fighting this…because its a child’s book…are the exact same people who let those SAME kids watch anything on cable and see far worse …at least the pics in the book were in an art museum …so if they ever did go they would appreciate the art instead of giggling like school girls and pointing…