No Parts Support... Boycott Lite-On



I have a LVW-5007 that I purchased 14 months ago at Sears. The recorder declares “invalid disk” when I load blank media. It will not even play a commercially produced DVD movie. I called the 800 Tech support line and asked if I could purchase a replacement drive, I was told that Lite-On does not provide parts support for out of warranty units. I took it to the Sears repair center and was told after waiting a week that Sears can not get parts from Lite-On either. I can’t believe Lite-on expects me to chuck my $180.00 recorder in the trash. I probably only burned 12 DVD’s with the unit since it was new… I guess I will go shopping and pay a little more for a name brand recorder like a Philips or a Sony. At least I will be able to get the darn thing repaired when it breaks. Lite-On has no business entering the consumer electronics market, they should stick to building components for other manufacturers. I will never purchase another Lite-On product and I urge everyone else to boycott Lite-On until they provide post warranty support for their products.


On the other hand, my reliable old cheap Lite-On 451 (upgraded to an 832 with the fantastic Codeguys firmware) has burnt hundreds of disks to a high standard and is still working flawlessly. It recognises and plays more media types than any of my other drives and is as quiet as a mouse. It is also very good at reading grubby or damaged disks. I would not now buy any other brand than Lite-On.


I’d be carefull of Sony.

Yes, they will repair the unit OOW BUT it is likely to cost more than a replacement.

Then again, a bit of googling can find replacement storys


Sure I could mickey mouse some other drive into the recorder housing with duct tape and bailing wire. But I don’t think I want a unit held together with duct tape and bailing wire sitting on top of my $2000.00 HDTV…