No option for 8x

I’ve got an NEC ND2500A Writer (Herrie’s 1.07b Firmware) and am using Verbatim Pastel (TYG01) 4x DVD-R Media.

When I try to burn a disc, I only get the option of using 1x, 2x or 4x.

I thought this media was supposed to work at 8x, even with NEC’s official Firmware??

I’ve tried it with Roxio Easy CD/DVD 6 and CDBurnerXP Pro.

Am I doing something wrong?



Try newest version of Nero.

Thanks dg1qkt - that’s sorted it.

I would have thought Roxio v6 would have supported 8x burning???

I do not use this programm, because I do not like it. Perhaps there ist a update on the Roxio site.

i use dvd decrypter to burn…i get better results than nero and it lets me choose the speeds (ie doenst lock the speed selection based on the descripter on the dvd).

I don’t like Roxio at all :a
Most of the ‘advanced’ users out there would agree that RecordNow, DVDDecryptor, and Nero are much better choices for a burning app.