No one seems to know



I searched this forum and found a few people having problems with their LSC-24082K LiteOn slim DVD/CDRW combo drives. One person actually had the same problem as I do but the answer didn’t seem like it was correct (said the laser was busted, but there is only one laser in the drive and its only DVDs that dont work…). The problem is my drive will read and write cds, performs exactly how it should in that aspect but it won’t read DVDs. I have heard mention of people upgrading their firmware etc. but I have no idea what firmware is (im assuming something similiar to drivers?) or where to get it for my particular drive. If anyone could tell me where I could find firmware for my drive and maybe tell me of some common fixes for problems like this if there are any, I’d be very appreciative :bigsmile:


You say it won’t read dvd’s? Does it recognize that there is a dvd in the drive? Please give more specifics.


If I try to open the drive it opens as if there is a blank cd in it with a size of 0 bytes. It keeps the default picture of the drive as well in “My Computer” don’t know if that really matters but I thought I’d mention that as well. Not too much to say other than it reads all discs except DVD discs.


Alright so I just flashed it with the firmware that liteon provides and then i restarted my computer. When windows booted up it said new usb hardware found etc. and it looked like it gave it drivers only for a cdrom drive… is there a way for me to use drivers i specify instead of windows autumatically assigning drivers for it?


Windows drivers are the only one necessary when you install a drive on your computer, so don’t worry about the “CD-ROM drive” message, this is not an issue, it’s only a cosmetic bug of windows :slight_smile:

Try this simple test on your drive. Run cd-dvd speed (download latest version here), then insert a blank DVD disc on your drive, and select the “disc info” tab. Can you see disc information? Something like the following pic.