No One Lives Forever Protection!

I have just used Clony and TCCD Easy scan v1 and both are saying no protection.

The only way to find the protection is to use Prot_version detector
with the game installed: new sucurome 4.82010029

Because I cannot detect the cds does anyone know if both the cds are protected??

no, if you use BWA builder you can see that only disk one has the securom protection, i think disk 2 doesn’t have anything. I used the twinpeaks + CCD combo and the game runs fine.

Yep ur right only disc 1 has the new securom on.
I managed to get a working backup using Blindwrite 4.25, I would recomend that anyone using blindwrite makes their own Bwa files.
The 2nd cd I copied using Clone cd.


@JellyBelly; What drives do you have? I’m sticking with BW 4.2.1 until someone with a similar setup to mine reports sucess with 4.2.5

Hi Orinoco,

Liteon 40x12x485w firware WS09.

Just wanted to give a million thanks to you guys. I wasted about 6 cd’s before using blind read and blind write. It worked like a charm so thanks again.