No "on the fly" with clonedvd?

Does anybody know if there is a way to prevent clone dvd from recopying all the vob files before burning?.. this really sloooooows things down…
I can see maybe if its converting them into its own format in order to compress them???

but when even copying a copy “that clonedvd has already made”… it still does it?.. what the hey?..

why the extra step?.. is it really necessary?

man when backing up 70 - 80 dvd’s at a time… it makes a big difference as to how long the whole project takes?

Are you using AnyDVD? I was able to copy a copy creatd by CloneDVD on the fly using two Sony DVD burners. One for reading and one for writing.

As long as it’s single sided. I’ve already told him this.

NO Im not… Im using dvd decrypter and cloncdvd… because I like not having to worry about figuring the size… I made over 230 divx and it nice not to have to deal with that… “although I finally found a calculator that actually works”

anyway… maybe I should try it…