No official polish Website, no official CSTJ firmware!



This is the answer I got from LiteOn when sending an email to the LiteOn support, reporting the worse quality of MCC burns compared to CS09: :rolleyes:

Dear Sir,

First, we’d like to clarify that we do not have any Polish website, but for WorldWide region, and for US region.

Second, CSTJ is not an official LiteON IT’s standard firmware, and exchanging firmwares using non-LiteON IT’s official utilities has violate the Service Policy. (The limited warranty does not extend to any damaged or defective by misuse, abuse, negligence, modification of the products, failure of fluctuation of electrical power, static electricity, lightning, fire or other acts of

Third, exchanging firmwares using non-LiteON IT’s official utilities and firmwares may have changed the drive’s internal configurations, which will cause us unable to track the original problem.

Customer Service Division
Lite-On IT Corp.
Tel : 886-3-666-8199
Fax : 886-3-579-7673
Add : 5F, No.12, Li-Shin Rd., Science Based Industrial Park, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan, R.O.C. 300


When you follow the contact link on that polish site you get:

AB SA - Dystrybutor napędów i monitorów Liteon

So it’s some kind of distributor?


Yes, AB SA is an official and authorized distributor of Lite-On products in Poland.

But I wonder why Lite-On does not know about CSTJ. Hmm


Well, try the new official firmware, CS0G.



Interesting, this is a case for Sherlock TM101 Holmes… :wink:

This story makes CSTJ more mysterious…


I think everyone knows by the first post about this, that “CSTJ” is custom made firmware .But if works better until now, and support more media codes, and most people in this forum uses it ,dosn’t matter any official support !
Simply flash it back,thanks to “Codeking” !


Why you didn’t report us ,what Liteon official answer you, about MCC burns @CS09 ? -Is CS09 simply best than newer versions, because only you insist about this ! (depends also on many configuration things)


xxTx firmwares means experimental firmwares which is still under testing. When they have stabilized a version they make a new stable versjon (in this case CS0x series). So CSTJ is NOT official - and using it will void the warranty.

Latest “stable” version is CS0J for 1653S and JS04 for 1673S, these are still not officially released though. JS04 DO improve writing quality on several media types a LOT compared to JS02 at least :wink:


As OCfreak already mentioned, your waranty will void if you flash CSTJ. Actually no one here really cares, but one should know so before deciding to flash it onto the drive.

When T is marking a “test” version then J seems to make sense. Actually it’s great to see how much burning on several medias is improved.

On the other hand it’s bad that when I report problems with my chosen media that the official support denies to help me, because I flashed an “unofficial” version!

Anyway, I answered again with some general statement plus asking that they have a look at the changes to MCC strategies. Maybe they’ll incorporate some changes in future firmwares then.


nick nack patty whack give r drives a bone lol

or in this case good firmware

ok so where did cstj come from? well let me reask that, when did it surface, because i got it soon after it was posted on here and it works good, idk, when someone throws u a pot of gold i sepnd it, so when someone throws some good firm out there i use it :slight_smile:



Is it possible to get JS04 now?


No - not before it is officially released or extracted from drives distributed through official channels.


OK. Thanks!


just burned this with official CS0G off the liteon tw site.

1653 CS0G

eeprom reloaded from save when I first bought it.

4464mb data disk burned with nero time 8:44

scanning drive plextor 716a fw 1.04u

scan is read like kpobe 8/1sum

the scan is of tdk cmc E01 +R 8x media at 8x


“Test version” firmware dosn’t mean that have serious bugs in advance. (except voids warranty) .This moment “cstj” works fine on me and also it’s most recent (in media code) firmware in public release.


Another cmc E01 burn on official CS0G

This time scanned with BenQ 1620 fw B7T9


i guess differnt drives with the same type of errors and faliures will be considered differnt qulity?

that scan if made on a liteon would not be 96%