NO NO clonecd isn't the best for cloneman:)

today I tested newest clonecd but whit my surprising I did’t maked a perfect copy with my 2 sheeps burner LG GCE8160B.
I used IgnoreWeakSector to writed the image (of FIFA2k3) to have e perfect cloned cd but nothing.
I maked another image (same setting but cue format) whit clonecd and I writed it whit Alcohol 120% last version (with NO AWS) and Voalà the game is cloned.
CloneCD isn’t right name for the Elby program but a new name I think is right : EmuCD

Forever CLONE the CD’s

yeap… the same with me, but i have LG GCE-8320b@8400b

With my plex 8x drives SCSI and Lite-ON 24102B beating sd 2.80.010 is not a problem in this version