No New Pioneer DVR's. Please Complain Loudly!



According to one of the US customer service representatives, there are no new DVR’s from Pioneer and there are none expected.

If you love your hard disk based dvd recorder and were planning on buying from Pioneer in the future, I suggest you email, call, fax, or write to them to express your disappointment. Perhaps they will reconsider.

Here is the “Contact Us” form URL:,,2076_310069585,00.html

Here is their support address and phone number:
1925 E. Dominguez St.
Long Beach, CA 90810
Call (800) 421-1404

You’ll have to ask for their Fax number, I cannot find it.


I’m afraid this is the trend, at least for now.
A Panasonic rep told me none of theirs for 2007
will have hard drives either.


Why do need hard drive when you can record directly into the DVD-R/RW? I have Pioneer DVR R500 with no hard drive and is not really a big hurtle for me. If you need the hard, drive with DVR all the cable companies, they give that for $4 a month rental.


Editing commercials out, then burning to DVD. Recording at a higher quality and editing out commercials and other content to fit to the DVD. Recording to fit to 2+ DVDs without missing a single moment from swapping discs on a recorder without a HD. A number of other reasons.


Once you increase the record time from SP (2 hours on a dvd) the video quality begins to drop off dramatically. 4 hour mode looks acceptable, but 6 hour mode and 8 hour mode look worse than the same mode on a VHS tape.

VHS VCR’s are becoming increasingly hard to find and they are so cheap the manufacturers put really junky playback heads in them so the playback quality is worse than a unit made 6 years ago.

Cable company DVR’s do not have DVD burners in them. Say you record something on your cable company DVR in your living room. You arrive home after a long day and you would like to watch your program in the bedroom. Since you cannot burn a dvd from the cable company DVR you would have to unhook all the wires from the unit, carry it into the bedroom, unhook all the wires there, hook the living room unit up, and then when you’re done reverse the process. Bottom line, you ain’t watching your program anywhere except the living room.

Say the cable station decides to show a marathon of a favorite old program that lasts 12 hours for 12 episodes. One direct to DVD burner is not going to handle it. Using no worse than 4 hour mode you would need 3 DVD burners set and ready.

With a 250GB HDD I can record 108 hours of TV at SP mode, and if I run out of room, I can start dumping off programs at SP mode to DVD-R.

I have one unit from Lite-On and was planning on buying either a Pioneer DVR-640H-S or a Panasonic DMR-EH55S, but I am too late. Both are no longer available and neither company is planning on making anymore HDD units.

They never advertised these units. They never explained to the public what they could do to justify the extra expense. When HDD units first came out they cost $1500. That’s what I remember. I only found out they had dropped in price when PC World magazine did a review of them.

This reminds me when cars first had seatbelts in the 1960’s. Manufacturers put a surcharge on those cars, did not tell the public what they were for, and then when few people bought them, they discontinued seatbelts saying no one wanted them. It was only when the gov’t forced them to provide seat belts did they re-appear. Same stupid mentality.

Has anyone here rigged up a PC to act as a DVR? How complex is it?


Sure, you just use a TV Tuner card. But they vary in quality (hardware vs. software encoding, amount of noise from interference in the computer tower, etc). IF you can find a setup that gives a good, clean signal then they can be a decent alternative. There are cheap TV Tuners with software capturing/encoding but the quality won’t match a decent standalone recorder, some of the better ones that use hardware capturing can be a viable alternative. And then the software can vary from very good to crap. But right out of the box, a Standalone DVD Recorder w/HD consistently gives good quality and is generally very user friendly.

And just recording on a DVR and then copying to a Standalone DVD Recorder is not an ideal alternative either. It means the additional monthly costs of a DVR, the inconveniences of multiple devices and getting them to work well together, and the fact that you’ll be going through an additional encoding process which means a further lowering in video quality vs. recording straight to a HD in a Standalone Recorder. There are a number of notable disadvantages when it comes down to it.

If my Standalone Recorder w/HD ever dies, it will REALLY suck and I’m not sure where I’ll go from there if it happens (probably a higher end TV Tuner card for my computer).


Could you make any recommendations or disrecommendations for a hardware based tuner card?

Do you prefer BeyondTV or SageTV or some software that is different?



Sad news indeed. They finally get it right with the 640h and then end production.
Now that I’ve used a DVD Recorder with a HDD it’ll be hard to do without if/when the HDD fails.
Using just a RW to record and not having a HDD included is like putting one gallon of gas in your car at a time. HDD’s are great and screw the Sat/Cable companies wanting $6.00 a month to use there’s
Well, off to burn some HDD to disc… :slight_smile:


If this is true then it is really bad new since they used to make very reliable DVR with quality performance.


Funny. The Pioneer DVR550 has just been launched over here and looks very good indeed.


Same here,


The last I heard was the public announcement by Pioneer saying they were no longer making DVD recorders for the USA market. This is marketing speak for “The MPAA has made it so difficult for us to sell DVD recorders in the USA that we have decided to exclude the USA from our marketing plans”. Since I live in the USA I am out of luck.

One reason may be the selling price of most Pioneer units is higher than the big discount stores wanted so they stopped selling them.