No new firmware for the 832S?

Im a little uneasy about the several new firmwares but no sign of new firmware for the 832S.
When faster media becomes available and the slower media disappears im not sure but could it affect the brun quality when the discs are burned with an slower burner ?
And what about the write strategies ?

I think this is a concern common for most 8x drives. :sad: For now, the Sony VY08 firmware is pretty nice (quite a bit better than VS0E) in the media support department.

In the worst case, you can always use MediaCodeSpeedEdit’s rename in conjunction with OmniPatcher’s strategy switch to try to add support for unsupported media types.

So I should be able to install the Sony VY08 firmware on my LiteOn SOHW-832S if I choose to? I’m using VS0E right now. Thanks.


@ rrk28

Are there plans for a CodeGuys CG08 patch based on VY08 similar to CG3E? Or a renamed VY08 firmware so that the drive shows up as a 832s?

CG48 :iagree: :iagree: