No need for CloneCD?!

I just wanted others to know that with Easy CD Creator 5.0 Platinum and DirectCD one can make a working copy of any protected game, regardless of burner. Using DirectCD, it just copies all the files, 1:1, but no hassle for read settings for CloneCD. So…my question for everyone is…What’s the use for CloneCD then?!:confused:

i don’t know what settings you are using but i’ve tried all different versions of easycd creator and directcd to make backups of protected games, and i have never made a perfect 1:1 copy using these apps.
maybe games and music disks that have no copy protection you can use easycd creator or directcd, but not protected disks, not 1:1 copys anyways.
what kind of burner do you have, and what have you made a 1:1 copy of using easycd creator or directcd?

what cds did you copy with ez cd creator

I burned The Sims with this technique on a Sony CRX-140e with 1.0s firmware.

which sims

His version of Easy CD Creator has been touched by the hand of God…it can do what no other version of Easy CD creator can do… (aside from the fact that it is working at all which is a great accomplishment on its own :smiley: )

i hope i explain this properly.
i’ll try.
i think he is dragging and dropping the entire contents of a disk using easycd creator or directcd.
then he makes a backup of those files making it look like a 1:1 copy.
i’ve done the same thing with easycd creator but its not a 1:1 copy.
the backup may look like a perfect backup but its not.
if you compare the size of the original disk to the backup, the backup will always be smaller. (original might be 600megs, backup turns out to 580megs)
thats what i think he’s doing but i could be wrong.

I dunno. My friend can do it as well. It works and everything. I swear!

ok if it does really work, how is it done???
you say it makes perfect backups of protected disks yet you give no info on what the settings are or what you use to make these perfect copys.
old and new versions of easycd creator have lots of different options, what do you use???

he succeed doing us pay attention at him…:o

You have committed two (fake) terrible crimes:

Insinuating that CloneCd is useless, and
that EZCD isn’t.

Originally posted by Ysllvllurga
he succeed doing us pay attention at him…:o

True, how true.

Originally posted by SirDavidGuy
[B]You have committed two (fake) terrible crimes:

Insinuating that CloneCd is useless, and
that EZCD isn’t. [/B]
LOL, I think we should ban him from the forum :wink: :wink: Heheh

i was just saying that there was other ways to make cd’s. all you do is select all. and make sure you have view hidden files on. and you paste on your cd-r with clone cd and it works. i like clone cd fine. but im just telling there are alternatives.

I tried to do what you did with ez cd creator and it didnt work
so as far as I’m concerned clonecd is the best program for copying cds

no need for clone cd ?
no need of my computer ?
alternatives ?
lol ?

i just wanna say …
stick with that creator and come to the point that it is not cloning
and good luck with ez cd creator ,…you will need it…

Ask not what EZ CD creator will try to do for you, But what Clone CD will do for you…:cool:

From Daemon:

System crashes and/or blue screen of death on some systems having (or had) Adaptec (Roxio) EasyCD installed. Older versions of this burning program are known to cause lots of trouble in combination with other burning soft or DAEMON Tools. As EasyCD cannot create working copies or images of protected CDs we do not recommend to install it. However newer versions (4.02 and higher) seem to be less incompatible (but still are very often). Anyway these versions are still not able to create ‘good’ images or even copies. If you encounter problems and have or had EasyCD installed please note that a standard uninstall of EasyCD DOES NOT solve your problems as some drivers of EasyCD are not deinstalled and still loaded when booting your system (imagine this!). Just deleting these files most likely causes your system to crash during next bootup. The easiest way to remove or disable these drivers is to use the (very good) audio CD burning program ‘Feurio’. This program runs a system check after installation (can also be started manually by selecting ‘Extras’ --> ‘System Check’) pointing to all potential ‘trouble-makers’ on your system allowing to disable/remove them

Great info FutureProof :slight_smile: That sums it about up! Conclusion: stay away from Easy Coaster :stuck_out_tongue: