No native Blu-ray playback for Windows 7

I just posted the article No native Blu-ray playback for Windows 7.

Microsoft has confirmed its upcoming Windows 7 operating system won’t support Blu-ray movie playback without the addition of third-party media software.

Blu-ray support in Windows 7 will be…

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This makes sense I guess as many folks wont be using the PC for Bluray playback. Running BR movies on a desktop makes little sense. (I know there are those that do it though) Only a HTPC would need this advantage.

There is no sense in paying for this feature if you don’t need it. Hell, a lot of PCs wont even have a BR drive.

I agree with Crabby. Most PCs that are good enough for Blu-ray are HTPCs mainly. And if you have the money to get OEM versions of those machines, you have the money to buy WinDVD.

Planned obsolescence.

Useless feature anyway. Plenty of free tools giving the ability to decode Blu-Ray on PC.

VLC can play m2ts Bluray files although it does choke a little. The best I have found, for a complete package, is Windows Media Player Classic Home Cinema, not to be confused with MS WMP Classic. This player does an excellent job and I would recommend it to others for a free alternative for Bluray playback.