No Napster relaunch until next year

I just posted the article No Napster relaunch until next year.

Why does napster think it will be the sucsess it ever whas again with a service where you need to pay for the music when you can get it for free with better file sharing programs.

Napster will…

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damn you napster! it’s like that best freind you used to sleep with in colledge. now you’re rich and she’s old but she still wants to marry you. the RIAA has allready dug a grave for napster. the bitch just won’t stay in it.

i hope the attention stays focused on napster. hopefully morpheus will be left alone :d

People need to look out for assholes on Morpheus that are sharing the Trojan Sub Seven virus by naming it as audio or video files. I was unfortunate to download one of these files & execute it. Norton wasn’t able to detect the virus. PC-Cillian was the only virus protection SW that found the virus.

uhh, if you download a 300kb movie with an EXE extension, THINKING that it’s a movie or song… well, maybe you deserve to have a trojan.

Axia, It was an audio file & it was only 1.3 MB. I don’t download movies or other video clips.

when you are on morpheus, also make sure that alot of people have the same file. by clicking that little + sign by the filename in the searchfield

I don’t think Morpheus is a stable program, nor is the Kazaa that’s like a clone of Morpheus. And with Morpheus you get a limited selection with ppl. I’ve found out if you get WinMX and download Napigator. You Can put the servers from Napigator in to WinMX and get MORE servers and get MORE of a list for a song. I’ve gotten like over 3000 files 2 choose from except for like maybe 50 that Morpheus uses…Plus you can download NE type of files even types you can make up…lol…But I think that what Napster had that every1 liked was that it had a chatroom built into it and you could share your files among friends…Which Morpheus should have put in…But on WinMX u can, but the point is if you have to b on the same server…But now ICQ is coming into it with the sharing files idea…but if only I can get sum1 to get an no autho plus no banner in1 patch, than I’d b set…:slight_smile: but it’s bcause of the bands that Napster had 2 do what it did. If it’s so illegal 2 burn cd’s and make cd’s from songs u d/l than y did they make a CD BURNER…I mean if it’s so ILLEGAL y make products that will let u do it…I just think that everything on the net should b free…that way ppl get what they want…Since they did that thing from napster most of my friends including me haven’t bought a single cd…