No-name Vs TAO Yuden

I’ve heard that Verbatim and Tao Yuden DVDR discs are some of the most reliable media out there. I’m really getting tired of these bulk DVDRs that i purchase lasting weeks/months destroying 4GB at a time of my data. Perhaps I’m not alone, but for me when purchasing DVDRs i have this impression that once succcessfully burned the data will last infinitely (unless scratched or something). Of course now i know better but have always been interested in a business that could possibly market a more reliable DVDR to the consumer at a more affordable price.

Can someone tell me about how reselling more reliable media like Verbatim or Tao Yuden discs under a different brand works? I’m fairly certain these brands are more expensive than the average but I wonder if as a reseller I could purchase them bulk for cheap and resell at 15% more than no-name and do some marketing to make people more aware. Personally, if the reliable media were not too expensive and i were made aware of the insane unreliability, I’d be more enticeed to buy.

Where would i go to read up more on such a venture?


Verbatim are only sold under their own name and Taiyo Yuden appear under their own name, Verbatim & Plextor & That’s which I think is their own.

I’m not sure this is really blank media related - it sounds more like you need advice on how to start a business, perform marketing and start some sales?!

I don’t have any good links for you I’m afraid.

Verbatims (the good ones anyway) are actually made by Mitsubishi Chemical Company in Japan. Verbatim may own that plant (I’m not sure) but the media isn’t made by Verbatim [I]per se[/I].

Quite a few companies sell Taiyo Yuden, as mentioned, and you can find it in bulk under its own name, too, of course.

Well, that’s not exactly true.
Verbatim’s own plants are in Singapore but they only make DVD+/-R DL and HD-DVD media now… (And there’s a plant in Japan making BD-R(E) only.)

Most Verbatim media (CD-R(W), DVD+/-R(W) SL) are made in Taiwan by CMC, Prodisc, or in India by Moser Baer.
If you find any Verbatim branded CD-R or DVD+/-R that is MIJ, it is most likely Taiyo Yuden media instead.

Actually Mitsubishi Chemical Company is the parent company of Verbatim as shown on their packaging.