No-name crew



This guy didn’t send me the cd’s i ordered, and now he even doesn’t respond to my mails anymore. I gave him my phonenumber but he didn’t call here either. So don’t order here!!


Hi, why did you post this message, ik know who you are! because only one person send me his phone number this week. I have talked to you on the phone today and i’ve told you why i didn’t call. I’ve told you that i would send you the cd’s again. I can’t help it that the PTT lost the cd’s. I hope you will reply here and tell the truth.

The New No-Name Crew


Yes, I called you today (monday) this message was posted before I called you. If the cd’s arrive tomorrow I will post a message here. I’m sorry if it was the PTT, but because you didn’t respond to my messages and didn’t call me I thought you were trying to rip me off.


Ok, i almost know for sure the cd’s will arive tommorow, because this time i send it insured. Pls mail me when the cd’s arrive.

The New No-Name Crew


The cd’s have arrived.
Thanx No-name crew!!


happy client…
so this thread can be closed…