No multi-session feature on Samsung SM-348B Combo?

My new computer has Samsung CDRW/DVD combo drive (SM-348B) and I have installed my own software Nero 5.5 Express and when I was about to burn cd, ‘multi-session’ tick box is greyed-out so look like this drive doesn’t support that useful feature!

What should I do?

Your drive should support multisession, no matter what.

Is your drive properly detected by Nero? It could be that your Nero version is outdated and your drive doesn’t work (correctly) with your version of Nero. At you can get an update (for free of course)…

I will download the latest Nero software. I just realised that it is so new, will check it out.

I have a Samsung SM-348B and have been burning Multisession with Nero 5.5 for about 9 months. Now, I am using Nero 6. Go to and download the last 5.5 version… and it will recognize the drive. There have been versions of 5.5 that have recognized this drive since I purchased it. As a matter of fact…when I purchased…it cane with Nero 5.5


BTW…you may want to go here:

Download the latest firmware T512…solves a lot of issues…especially with certain media


Nice info mate, thanks for taking the time to post.