No MP3s allowed: Creative boycotts CeBIT

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Creative won’t take part at the world’s biggest computer show, CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. Creative manager Murat Uenol said the show has…

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Bad bad Cebit! (A nice little party that though…)

Hi HI Cebit Makes a major mistake

and whos going to turn up to the cebit party?

What next?
Ban CD-R?
I go there every year and last year almost 80% of the exhibts were CD-R related.

I guess Cebit is getting Cebent !!! now.

Well done Creactive !

Now we all (mp3 lovers) have a GOOD company on our side. Looks like Creative (my favorite sound card company) wants to please its customers.

Can anyone name an other (big) company supporting mp3 (and in one way piracy)? Noone else dares to!!! It’s time to support Creative (continue supporting)…

Huray for Creative.

I’d never thought I would say this.
But i like their courage to do this.