No mouse means no crysis :(

Hey guys. Havent been here in a while. Thought there might be somebody that could help.

It all started a couple days ago. I was updating, playing crysis, letting people check “myspace’s”… the usual. Well the updates had gotten done and I went to restart my computer and my mouse doesnt want to respond to anything. The optical laser still light up when i moved it but nothing happened. I tried uninstalling it but I couldnt find the mouse anywhere in my hardware list. So I shut down and plug a new mouse in. Same thing except it was a ball mouse and didnt light up. So I restart again. This time not even a light on the optical.

Any help would be greatly appreciated because I’m getting a little tired of just the keyboard and no crysis or most wanted or fable.:sad:


I do not know what OS are you running, but if you check Device Manager and any question mark on mouse driver, even if not, for Win XP, just uninstall the driver have mouse plugged in and restart computer.
Windows should load new driver on start up.

I am running windows xp. I have never had a problem before with it and i have looked through device manager thoroughly. Nothing shows up on it. I have reinstalled motherboard drivers. And every other driver I could think that would go to my mouse. I am tech savvy so dont be afraid of more technical tips. I am wondering if there is a registry key or something for a mouse???

Thanks again.

Serial port mouse?


USB port mouse?


crysis sucks anyway. So disappointed.

A few things to try…

  1. Check batteries
  2. Try the driver uninstall/reinstall from Control Panel
  3. Typically the mouse and sending unit have to "find’ each other, so review your original documents that came with the mouse on how to do this.
  4. It all else fails, try a PS2 mouse…that should get you by until you sort the other, more advanced mice.