No More Work At All On The 2510?

Is there no more work being done on the 2510 at all?

From the last I read, there’s still bugs in every version of the firmware released, and I am significantly reluctant to use a 2500-based firmware.

If this is the case, then it is quite disappointing.

i think all who were involved did the best they could… have to try them all and see which one fits your needs. v.5 and v.6 betas work for my needs with my 2510 and very greatful someone took the time do thier best !

Are none of the rebadgers updating the firmwares?
NEC is just the pits when it comes to supporting their drives…
If it wasn’t for herrie and the like you guys would be shit out of it…

Exactly… This was probably my last NEC-based drive :Z

Well, look at it this way: Firmware updates are to fix problems. The 2510 doesn’t seem to have many problems with burn quality, so perhaps NEC doesn’t see the need for a lot of updates. I should add the caveat that it doesn’t have many problems if you stick to the recommended media list!

So all the new media codes that have come out since their last update should just be burned with a generic strategy?
Oh well, there is a thread around here somewhere where NEC stated to a customer that they did not want Joe Q. Public as their customer anyhow…

Well, I think the media codes for all the recommended media were there from the beginning. Have any worthwhile new codes come out recently?

Generally, NEC don’t release frequent firmware updates because NEC drives generally work very well straight from the box :slight_smile: Any updates they do release are usually just to support new media.

Yeah, Ritek D01 - the only affordable and best available double layer medium.

Still no official support from NEC for the ND-2510. That’s ridiculous, isn’t it? People bought a double layer drive and cannot burn the best available double layer media. :a :a :a

Best? I haven’t seen anything that says Ritek D01 is better than MKM 001…

I mean their availability is best, not their quality.

Well NEC tends to be biased toward media from Japanese manufacturers, given that it’s a Japanese company, so that’s not really surprising…

For me it is surprising. These media were available were early - and NEC had enough time to implement support for them. They also support other Ritek media, so why not these?

MCC 004
Verbatim 1-16x DVD+R
Starting to show up.
Available now from here and soon from here.

Hrm, well not much point in using 16x +R on an 8x drive; there’s plenty of 8x media out there. I can see in the future when 8x production is ceased though.

Well, I guess the question was “No More Work At All On The 2510”.
It’s a valid question and dancing around the issue won’t change the facts…

Well part of the issue is that the BitSetting (as I understand it) has never been properly resolved - sure, you could use a modified 2500 firmware, but as I said, if I’d wanted a 2500, I would have bought a 2500.

Now I just wish I’d known the 3500 was coming out so soon - I’d’ve waited on buying the unit. But at the time, everyone was so hyped up on the 2510.

I guess I’ve been rather fortunate in that the only program I ever have any burning problems with is Nero (and that’s definitely a problem with the program as other have reported it as well - when Nero just stops burning and hangs). I’ve been using DeepBurner for most of my burning, and it’s been flawless.

I have yet to burn any dual layer or DVDRW discs, but the DVD-R discs have been fine. I also have a stand-alone DVD player that is DivX compatible and plays most anything, so I haven’t yet encountered the booktype problem.

I really need this Ritec Dual layer disk support!!!

I believe you’re talking about 1.07v2b5 firmware.
It is a “modified 2510 (equivalent HP) firmware”. I know, herrie changed the drive ID string to 2500, but does it matter?

@ I still don’t understand why he didn’t create another version with a drive ID “2510A”. I’ve seen a lot of people who don’t use it just because of the 1 byte difference. :slight_smile: (plus the checksum)

@ I’m not saying 1.07v2b5 is the best. 2.xx version based firmwares are better depending on the purposes. But not many tweaks are done for them, and (I believe) won’t be done.

@ MadDog, there is a 8XDL burner that is a NEC 2510 clone, the 2.F7 firmware can do SL bitsetting ( see for an hacked version).

I mail NEC and MadDog for an update supporting RitekD01, and MadDog gives me a better answer, so I stick to their web page :slight_smile: and wait…

For RitekD01, there is an old herrie 2.16 firmware with Ritek DL support but I don’t know if it’s working on all Ritek DL media with a constant quality (and if Ritek DL has a constant quality…).