No more Windows Live Messenger anytime soon?



Today I found a quite surprising news about Windows Messenger being planned to be shut down definitely anytime soon :eek:

This is quite a bad news for me, because Messenger is the best chat software in my opinion :frowning:

I definitely hate skype… the GUI is ugly, and being me a smiley freak (I use a lot of smileys, and I saved many customized smileys in my messenger) I hate the impossibility to add custom smileys in skype :Z

After the ugliness of Windows 8 this is another step that is making me seriously thinking to dump every Microsoft product :doh:

Hey, microsoft people… why are you destroying every good thing you created to replace it with some ugly useless unusable product??? WHY??? :doh:


Yes, that’s true.
The Messenger support will be halted at Q1 2013.


That’s suxx :frowning:


i tried there skype for my hotmail accounts but did not like that they wanted skype to run in the background all the time. I told skype and Microsoft were they could go and switched to gmail. I had used the hotmail email address on important things so I would not have to change them if I changed ISP. Mistake should have figure Microsoft would screw me over.


My son-in-law just told me that they are doing away with messenger not hotmail that hotmail would be around a long time. Well from reading things on google the plan is to go to and do away with along with messenger. Not sure when hotmail will stop working but I could care less now move to gmail. Store like Frys, bed and bath and others that been sending me emails to my hotmail account are the ones that will be hurt. Microsoft does not care if they hurt other companies as long as it save them money.


I’m using a hotmail account for my cheap cell phone email. Support for it was preinstalled with the phone. I got a bunch of messages the other day saying I need to update to skype. Didn’t do it (too lazy). Hope it doesn’t affect my current email setup.


from what I read after a lot of reading it looks like hotmail email addresses will work but it will be on Not sure how phones are set up but I would say they are set to go to
I would think it would just mean a change in the phone to make it work. You would think that Microsoft would explain this in detail instead of just telling people that have hotmail addresses that they have to switch to skype. If what I read is correct and I am not sure
you only have to skype if you were using messenger to get to hotmail. You can still go to and get your emails but in the near future microsoft is doing away with going to only.
I for one just changed everything I can to gmail should have done it months ago.


Skype is an ugly program.
Tri ed messaging on it for a few minutes. It’s bulky and ugly, and cramming commercials on you again. I might move to icq …

I’ve just installed linux mint and my Diablo 3 works, steam has been released for linux, libre office is preinstalled.

Windows 8 interface is horrible, and I don’t own anything Microsoft. Methinks it’s time to cut free from the Microsoft turkey race …