No more virtual drives or "no cd" cracks... check this out

For anyone interested check out A beta version has finally been released and it’s a corker.


Fixed link.

Yeah not so HARRY FLASH - seeing as that link doesnt work!!!

I just get a SPAM page!!!

This link works for me though:



Its pretty good. Work with all my games including some of the latest such as Max Payne 2, Far Cry, Battlefield Vietnam. Does anyone know when the full version is going to be released?

this has a HELL of a lot of potential, i hope it proves itself, im very much looking forward to the release of the final version, lets hope it hits 2004!:slight_smile:


i installed Gamejackal on my WinXP prof. But when I run it the first time I had to generate a key. I did it, but the next-button is greyed out so that I can’t finish the setup.

Is this a known problem ? Any suggestions ?



Hmm nope - never happened to me? - Try quitting the installation, uninstalling and re-installing?

Sorry to ask this, but you do have administrative rights on that machine don’t you? - As that key it generates is probably stored in the registry somewhere and may require admin access to do so?

Just a thought? - give it a go and let me know how you get on?


MC :smiley:

Sorry it took me w while to catch this, but this is a crosspost and thus against forum rules.

This will be closed, the other remains open:

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