No more SDMI?

I just noticed today that the SDMI (Secure Digital Music Intiative) website, , is gone when I was going to check what evil plans they have up their sleeves to implement digital rights management crap in our electronics. Well that means one less annoying group of people who can’t figure it out that digital rights managements and the like can’t control the people:

For those that forgot about SDMI, read this =>


I hope the RIAA and the MPAA are next in line.

Yeah, I took it of the Net. Next in line are the RIAA and MPAA sites. And while I’m at it I’ll hack the BSA too. :o
Just kidding, I’m not that good. But they deserve to be hacked, at least a DOS attack.
That’s what you get when you attack our consumer rights,
filthy, disgusting roaches. :Z

I just read the article about the Digital Media Device Association ( ) and I find it very interesting. I hope it is going to suffer the same fate like SDMI did.

By the way: Digital Media Device Association’s website is at it is pretty lame

Damn is back online because I just checked today. I guess a tormented soul never rests.