No more SCSI drives for plextor



I just posted the article No more SCSI drives for plextor….

On CDRInfo their is an interesting answer from plextor on the SCSI issue.

"…Our PleXWriter 12/10/32S is the last model that we have developed with a SCSI interface. We have no plans to…

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I guess they’ve finally made it official. A lot of you, like me, knew this a while ago. It’s sad that it’s actually happened and is now official. IDE burners suck!


wow - can’t be. perhaps they will wisen up to internal & external firewire & newer faster firewire that is coming out at the end of this year. Maybe usb v2 serves them fine as well in the future. My entire Windows pc is scsi - no ide anything (except floppy drive) - the speed is noticeable over any ide system though ATA 133 is coming out now…wow - scsi; a thing of the past? hmm…


THIS IS JUST FUCKED-UP! i think i am going to be sick :r burn-proof is a joke, it is designed to stich the mess back together when writing ‘standard’ filesystems. it wont help if you are doing a ‘bit-copy’ like with clone-cd because the gaps will be different! I guess we will have to hope that yam dont go the same way. Btw. my currant machind only uses IDE for the hard-drives (some of them), my next machine will be SCSI all the way. IF THAT MEANS USING A SLOWER WRITER THAN THE LAMERS THEN SO BE IT!!! (AT LEAST THE COPYS WILL BE PERFECT)


lets all remain silent for a moment, in memory of the best SCSI cdr manufacturer, Plextor. :c


Yep , it’s no buy for Plextor any more ! New Yamaha lookes kind of nice after they added RAW writing .


I have all my harddrives on scsi as well as my cdrom and my dvd and my cdr is (for the first time) an IDE (plex 12/10/32x) And to be honest I dont see a difference between a scsi writer and this one, besides the reading speed being lower then scsi versions. Maybe there is more trouble when you also have ide harddisks…? but for me and IDE cdr works just fine and I dont see a reason to pay 25% orso more for only a scsi interface…:slight_smile:


What is this shit all about regarding SCSI vs. IDE??? I’ve had a SCSI plextor 8*20 for about 2 years. Worked great. I now have a 16 speed Plextor which works great too! If you don’t want to use burnproof, disable it? What’s the point!? Oh, and using SCSI and IDE doesn’t make a difference. (answer to errorken) I perfectly happy with my IDE burner.


Plextor’s choice to stop producing SCSI drives stems from the fact that SCSI drives do not sell as well as IDE drives.Even though it is known that SCSI drives are better than their IDE counter parts the advent of burn proof technology has made IDE drives as stable as SCSI drives.


I totally agree with Dark-Shadow and I rather have a 12x scsi drive than a 24x ide drive… let`s hope yammie keeps on making scsi drives…


plex scsi drives are the best…cos they will write all day long without any problems…cant say that for many ide drives can you? a sad sad day…:c


this is a sad day for me. Like some other mentioned before scsi rules no ide-writer will be better or as good as a scsi one


it’s all in your head! Yes SCSI is nice but it is not a must wtith todays CPU’s and 7200 HDD’s The newer IDE devices consume lots less CPU cycles than the old ones did. Yes I agree scsi HDD’s are sweet but burners… no difference from what i can see. I burn 12x on plex ide and watch movies and DL at the same time. No slow down.


buy yamaha 2200 both ide + scsi


I’m thinking of trying one of the IDE to SCSI adapters. The best one I’ve found seems to be by ACard Technologies. I’ll post a link for anyone that is interested. They also have the stand alone adapter cards, but I’d prefer the case and all.


Dark-Shadow - go read what burnproof is before spoutin off about it! Your comprehension of what burnproof is and does is totally incorrect! As far as SCSI vs. IDE - my first 3 burners were SCSI, but after that my most recent 4 (plex 24x is newest) were IDE. I see no difference in quality of burns over SCSI. And since I buy a new burner every year, the price is cheaper to buy IDE! In the past I had tons of problems with SCSI - devices incompatible on same bus etc. SCSI, SCSI2, UW etc. etc. and tons of stuff incompatible with older devices. Solution was to run two host adapters for me!!! Maybe it is better now but don’t say that SCSI is so perfect!


Yeah exactly, Ive never had any write or burn errors on my Ricoh or Sony IDE CDRW, and some people say they have system slow downs using IDE, perhaps its time to upgrade the old 486 8 megga for somthing a little more modern.


Eventhough i’m pro SCSI, it’s just a fact that SCSI hadn’t have any support from the big consumer market. And if your entire system isn’t SCSI, there is no point then to have a SCSI burner.


I am sticking to my SCSI system Plextor x40 + 12/10/32s. Maby Plextor will have a change of heart sometime in the future when they notice their drives are not selling as well as their rivals. Let that be a lesson to them. Come back Plextor and give us peeps the SCSI 24x writer, its what we were all hoping for, don’t let it become a pipedream, and don’t let IDE burners go to yer head as well, they are crap(based on my own experience with m8ts IDE crap, this is my own opinion, so don’t anyone take it to heart and start mouthing off):8 I rest my case.


Yes, I once had SCSI - Adaptec SCSI2 and it was great, but come to think of it, I think it was a waste of money, because I didn’t have loads of hardrives nor needed to burn while playing. With the extra money spent on SCSI hardware - you could just about buy an entire PC. So hey, you could burn and play, without SCSI !!