No More Ritek Go 4s



Hi All, NEC 2500A with Herries Firmware to burn Datasafe Ritek 4x Go 4 at 8x…Works GREAT with no Probs…SVP uk has stoped selling them!! (to my dissapointment)Price was Good to!! It seams that the Ritek Go 4s are now Discontinued…Gone for Good to my dissapointment!
What is the Next Best to Buy…Are these so called CMC MAG AE1 any good!!!
I Hate Changeing my DVD-Rs when the ones I’ve used were BRILLIANT…


Hi MrScary.
There are lots of different grades of CMC MAG.AE1 and I have found the cheaper versions to be of varying quality near the end of the disc although my recently purchased Infinity and Ricoh versions with the same dye code have been very good.
If you are ordering from SVP these are not too bad upto 4.2gb:
Datawrite Yellow 8x DVD-R in Spindle Tubs of 25

I notice they still sell G04 at SVP - if it works well for you why not stick with it?


What about the Piodata printables? 25 x DVD-R 8x G05 dye, work great on my 2500.


The 8x Prodisc DVD-R’s should work very well in the NC ND3500A, I’m thinking about uying a couple hundred of these myself next time I need media considering how cheap they are. :wink: The DVD+R’s seem to be of questionable quality but the -R’s should work great.

As SirQuk said CMC Magnetics can be variable quality. The Philips 4x DVD+R’s I have seem to burn rather well in the ND3500AG even at 8x - these are CMC MAG F01 media code. AE1 I have no experience with unfortunately. :frowning:


Thanks for Replying to my Query…It is Appreciated…
Now then, I have No Intentions of upgradeing my 2500A to a 3500 or higher…Sick of wasteing money on upgrades…This 2500A is Brill and burns those 4x Datasafe Ritek Go 4 @ 8x with no errors…(so far) Never had a coaster with em, that’s why I like them…
I might buy 25 of those prodata Printables with Go 5 dye to see how good they are…
I tried some of them Yellows n Orange from a friend of mine, had 1 coaster n the other was slow in burning…Funny thing is they work great on his 3500A…
Any Ideas as to why these Ritek Go 4s are being Discontinued…Or is it only SVP doing this because they be Cheep, Sell well, 4x burn at 8x, n he needs to sell more of the higher priced Discs!!..
So I shall experiment with some different brands & if they be Not be Satisfactory SVP is going to have Lots of Returns from one dissapointed customer who’s been Very Happy with em so far…lol
If anyone reading these threads has first hand account with some Good DVD-R brands from SVP or anywhere else in UK, PLEASE pop in n tell us which uns they be…Gota be Good on a NEC 2500A with Herries Firmware…(non DL)
(I Love the Grey Silver DATASAFE Ritek Go 4, 4x that writes Great at 8x) (no more at SVP) SIiiGghhh!!!Cheers n Take Care All…


If you can go with DVD+R instead of DVD-R then go for the 8x Datawrite MCC003’s. Great quality! Good price!