No more Plextor consumer drives - parent company pulls plug



I just posted the article No more Plextor consumer drives - parent company pulls plug. writes us that the Japanese website Shinmai is reporting that the Plextor brand name will dissapear from the consumer market. Over the years the strong optical storage brand slowly…

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Damm :frowning: what a sad day! I love my plextor!


this is the same reason that Yamaha pulled their consumer drives and why TrueX technology didn’t last long. long live the F1! XP


Just awful…I’m gonna miss them.


Just awful…I’m gonna miss them.


this is truly a sad thing to hear… …but its only a concequence of the majority of people just wanting to buy stuf as cheap as possible no matter how bad quality is :frowning: so here u have it folks you wanted shit now you have pure shit no more quality drives for consumers…


Well, no offense but why the hell would you pay like 4 times the amount of another drive, which also works very well? LG drives are excellent, Pioneer kicks ass, Liteon is always a favorite, BenQ is another etc etc. I’d rather buy one of each of these drives than just one plextor. We don’t have pure shit. There’s plenty of quality around.


Oh, i’d say their quality … has been dropping - their price is too expensive and generally all the other “shit” has been catching up. Very many vendors out there able to supply drives that are as good for burning - and as for quality testing - the LiteOns are nearly as comprehensive. Besides, i never had faith in plextools anyway - more expense too - they were doomed to die anyway. Maybe the only thing I am sad to see them go is the last few slot loader models - they’re very convenient but unreliable. Now I think pioneer is the only slot maker, and it’s rare to find it - don’t think they manufacture any new models with slot load


This is sad, I guess most people buy cheap stuff than plextor drives. I like pioneer better BUT i do like the Plextor DVD-Rom drive. It is great. :confused:


Even if the quality of todays Plextor drives is very far from the quality level of their products was ine the past CD-RW era, the customer support, firmware support is still excellent. Other manufacturers hardly release firmware updates for drives older than one product generation (it means 6-8 months), Plextor always do care about customers and older products.


I would gladly pay 3 times more than average for a drive that has great speeds and quality burning on all kinds of media. The best compatibility, the best error recovery, is a great scanner… At those prices I expect absolutely the best, no compromise. And that’s just not the case.


A real shame the premium brand of Burners is gone, But i guess even the cheaper brands were offering Quality just as good or better than Plextor. Plextor should have realised they weren’t offering enough incentive to users to buy the more expensive drives. Maybe doing OEM drives under the plextor name would be better like what BenQ / Philips and others do.


We’ll see how good Plextor firmware support is now that they’re pulling the plug on the drives all together.


F’ em. They were always far overpriced for the silly extra features and the quality issue is a NON issue. LG, Pioneer etc … provide excellent burning quality. I was a sucker for Plextor products for a few years until I realized products at 1/2 the price gave idenetical quality and similar performance results (who really freakin cares if a burn takes 6.25 minutes insteed of 6.5 minutes ?). That’s just MHO. All you guys freaking out that there are no quality burners now are dead wrong and stuck in the past.


Tis a sad day for Plextor. It really is a shame that they’re pulling out. I hope they will decide to release drives for the OEM market and make rebadge drives or decide to merge with another optical disc company.


R.I.P. :S 2 Plextors, 2 great adventures! I love them :X No NEC, Benq, Lite-On, could, at all, compare with it! Mordorr


Too bad but what do you expect by charging 3x the price that everyone else is charging. I was a Plextor man back in the CDR days. Back then, their drives were the best around but now they are just mediocre compared to others. I am more than content with my LG drive and bought at a fraction of a cost of a PLextor, $30. Maybe, if they came out with a drive that could copy anything, then I would consider paying the extra money to get one.


I own several drives including LG and Plextor. The overall impression is that LG sucks and Plextor rocks. Why I own LGs? cause my mamma/daddy/brother does not need/know Plextor. So I bought 3 LGs and 2 Plextors. Sorry Plextor :c RIP. I’m never going to see an BR or HD drive from it :c. Did I mention the price? Nope, the price does not matter when we’re talking QUALITY!


The “courage” shown to introduce an advanced CDRW drive last summer was not enough…sad to know about this. My second hit, after Yamaha leaving the market just after I bought their last (magnificent and still working with no problem) it is Plextor’s decision after I got a Plextor drive at work (by the way, I had never a problem with my 708A at home). Quality it is not just the burning act and speed…and with Plextor there is another serious casualty: Plextools.


I asked Mr. Peter Bosschaerts, Area Manager Northern Europe of Plextor about this article. The answer is: “Dear Peter This isn’t correct, Plextor will still sell to consumer market in our brand name. Best regards, Peter Bosschaerts Area Manager Northern Europe Plextor Europe Excelsiorlaan 9, 1930 Zaventem, Belgium” Now what?