No more Pioneer speed hacks without >NIL:?

it’s since some months now >NIL: has left and no one is emerged in the Pioneer scene to release some speed hacks for 109 drive. I wonder how is it since Nec drives have so many people releasing patched firmwares.

Maybe some day a talented guy will give us a “new hope”. IMO Pioneer drives are way superior to any other (I had a Nec 2510, 3500 and 3520) DVD recorder…


May ask yourself a question:
Why do I want that “feature” and do I need it really???

I don’t care about burn all speeds on all discs, I just want region free and most of all unlimited rip speed unlocked.

Then use a prog like anydvd or dvdregionfree and a good DVD-ROM for unlimited ripspeed.

For ripspeed unlock, you have the 109 to A09XL hack
The other thing often mentioned, is the A09XL = Quietdrive supported and riplock removed, while the Buffalo 109 firmare can bitset +R as well as +R9.

But I’d prefer to use/abuse a DVD-ROM for ripping

I just want bit setting. I recently got a DVR-109 (OEM) for my 2nd PC. I have not installed it yet, as my DVR-108 that is in it now does bit-setting. (Piodata conversion). I will need to do the Buffalo conversion. Just been too lzy as I rarely burn any DVD’s. hehe It’s mainly for data backup. And bit-setting to DVD-ROM makes DVD ROM drives read 'em faster. :wink:

That’s only useful if the source media (quality) is good enough, otherwise it will end up with CRC and errors.

“That’s only useful if the source media (quality) is good enough, otherwise it will end up with CRC and errors”.

Yep, so I stocked up on those FUJI M.I.J. TY disks. They are awesome. :slight_smile:

6 months ago 4x media were a lot cheaper than 8x and some of them supported 8x writing speed with a dramatically time gain… the prices for 8x media now are so low that no one bothers to burn those at 16x for a 2 minutes gain.