No more music downloading

yo, i found a new website that isnt music downloading, its music swapping.

You list your old cds, dvds and video games on the site for free. If you have “swap credits” you can take an item from the site for .99 cents. I use Ebay, but Im paying .30 cents to list my CD and it sells for $1.20 if Im lucky. Basically, Im only making .90 per CD. That sux!

Anyway the site seems pretty cool, but it looks brand new and theres not a lot of stuff on the site. Maybe in a few weeks there will be more stuff. I think you can win an Ipod if you register.

any thoughts?

Looks like an intresting idea. The two problems I see are all items are worth 1 credit and no feedback/user rating system. Noybodys going to swap a brand new 60$ game. Even with dvd/cd’s you are probably going to see older stuff. It still could be usfull for old stuff though. What hapens if someone starts swapping all thier old, scratched up cd/dvd’s though. I didn’t see any kind of feedback system so that you know if the person you are getting it from is swapping disks that are in poor condition?

Don’t think this is legal…

People can download songs without paying the license fees to the artists…

I don’t understand. I thought this service traded actual original disks by mail?

I have not checked the site. But if this is the case, it would be perfectly legal.

I posted this quote in another thread about swaprocks: Note the part I highlighted…

This place is in the same prediciment as BT trackers, in which case the law doesn’t care whether the site takes responsiblity or not, aiding illegal trading will likely be frowned upon.

They do! It’s just a question of whether trading items is legal in your part of the world. I think it should be, although the copyright owners may disagree.

I really hope this business manages to avoid the same fate as Loki & SupraNova. Swaprocks is truely a novel idea indeed! :iagree:

costs too much…if u do the math.

i dig the site. im registered and picked up a few dvds and cds.