No more music CDs without copy protection, claims BMG unit

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jsl used our newssubmit to tell us that TheRegister reports that the Bertellsmann Media Group (BMG) is likely to copy protect all of their future releases. The company has opened up a website where…

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I’ll never buy a copy protected audio cd. I believe we have a right to play it in a computer and rip it to hard drive as it is very convienient. If all are protected, I won’t be parting with my money.

well… what do they want? 1.We spend all our money to cds’? 2. Don’t buy CD’s anymore 3. Don’t buy any music more at all? Because they don’t make their fucked cd’s compatible with portable burner-style cd players (car & portable). And not to forget i want to play protected audio cd’s in my DVD PLAYER!!! :frowning:

Welp, looks like I wont be buying cd’s from BMG anymore!

The only reason I would buy a protected CD would be to find out how to rip it and put it online. People have a right to copy their expensive CD’s. Whenever originals are carried around in a CD case, car, etc. they always end up scratched or missing.

and they can’t understand why they don’t sel that many CD’s. Good I have my old vinyl.)

If BMG claims they’re “losing” $$ due to piracy, well imagine how much more they stand to lose by doing this! They’ll be hurting their good customers (that would normally buy it) and look for other ways to obtain it, leading to more piracy. BMG is really shooting themselves in the foot.:r

Only people who can’t or no access to find the CDs or MP3s will buy the CDs… The rest of us… will never buy those CDs for any reason. So BMG is stupid, somebody will hand the CD to us and rip it off to the net… It will still be downloadable on kazaa, etc…

I don’t give a damn about copy protections. I’ve got a Plextor PX-40TS :4.

Well this is what we all are waiting for dont buy it this is a good way to force them to get rid of the copy protections when they dont sell see how fast they will remove it… Again they will never learn…

Great - I stopped buying CDs about a year ago, and apparently, that was a wise decision to make! My budget won’t complain, I’m sure… Furthermore, if they stand to “lose” even more money than they already do, then they won’t have to blame it on me… They won’t get any less money from ME; from now on, I will keep spending the same amount of money on CDs every year: ZERO!

It’s now just the time where we will need to find ways to bypass the copy protection. It will be cracked sooner or later, or 1:1 copied with software like CloneCD.

most audio protections can be cracked with a simple software upgrade on the cdrom

Can any record company executive who reads these news items give me one valid reason why copy protection is the only way to go while i argue it only takes one individual to hack the CD’s and the rest is history , eg Natalie Imbrugalia, Charley Pride, Celion Dion et al all have made their way to p2p programs and all were copy protected. Executives read the article on newscientist as posted by Alien_x and pay particular attention to where it says reduce the cost of CD’s and you might learn something instead of bitching and listening to the likes of Cary Sherman and Hilary Rosen.

I forgot to mention and some executive correct me if i’m wrong BMG will cripple CD’s in Europe , but not NA. So if a person from NA rips X album and posts this on a p2p file sharing program and Andrea in France d/l’s this from Joe Blow in Hoboken NJ, what good is the protected album in Europe.

The really stupid thing is that with the ‘protection’ sales will drop vis-a-vie pissed off consumers and they will point to the lost sales as theft results from people who cracked the protection and d/l’ed the music from the internet! It must be some kind of accounting scam to write off these ‘losses’ due to theft and thus inflate the numbers and steal a little more from the artists…

Here is a work around that they can’t stop. Run a cable from your stereo / cd player out of the units headphone jack to your sound cards input jack, and just copy away…They can’t stop us…POWER TO THE MASSES (that’s us guys…come on yell it out with me). By the way, I stopped buying cd’s along time ago. Back when the group Metalica was whining like BITCHES how there sales are going down due to there songs being swapped on Napster. That’s my 2 cents…Love it or Leave it!

“there will be no cd manufactured without copyprotection anymore”… then save your money and don’t bother producing them…consumers vote with their wallets… the end of the era of the fatcat is night… Vive La Revolicion…:7

Copy protection, DRM, etc. are just simpler (digital) ways to allow a company to lose customers and dig their own grave.:stuck_out_tongue:

:r Do they really thik this will help them to sell more CDs? How many cusumers will be able to enjoy a CD that does not work in a 1)DVD Player 2)Car-Cd-Player 3)Computer?` I just bought a CD-Player / MP3Player/ DVD -Player combination as my main CD player. If a CD does not work ther, I’m going to bring it right back there from where I bought it. I can not believe their main custumers must have the time to listen musik only at home. When I travel, I want to listen to my music in my car. If this doesn’t worlk - F**K OFF BMG :frowning: :frowning: