No more love for 5s and 6s series?

with the 1p/h series in full view will there be any more updates to these?

codeking when’s the 5/6s patch tool coming?

I don’t think liteon will be releasing anymore firmware updates for these drives.

I just picked up a SHW-160P6S on BF from Staples to replace a BTC drive that has been making some great coasters. Since then I have updated the firmware to PS0B and used Smart-Burn to enable HT and OHT.

Since then I’ve used Img Burn to make a few discs and they came out OK with marginal media(PIE<280 and PIF-2 or 3). Barring purchasing better media, is there any more that I can do to improve my DVD movie back-ups?


Well I haven’t seen many new media come out in the last year or so either. And with OHT for on-the-fly adjustment there’s little point in having new firmware I think.

Calmly and logically put as usual. You’re right of course. :wink:

If LS0Z for the SHW-16H5S were finally released I would not be complaining… :frowning:
(LV4C/LV4D lack support for CMC MAG E01, and LS0W has neither HT/OHT nor the -R lead-in fix. YS0Z has it, but I would lose LightScribe.)

Nevertheless my next drive purchase might be a Litey again because it’s rare that manufacturers add new functions to their existing drives instead of releasing new models.

Liteon has released a new firmware MS0R for 165P6S. Guys, Liteon doesn’t forget our 5S/6S users!! :flower:

Woohooo! Thanks for the news :flower:

And now all the other 6S owners will feel left out in the cold again. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, these are probably the most developed firmwares we’ll ever see anywhere. [B]kg[/B]'s definitely looks like one that slipped through the corporate cracks somewhere. Maybe if enough users complained about it here, something could still be done. :slight_smile:

If new f/w has been released for the 165P6S, can the 160P6S be far behind??? :disagree:

same for 165h6s

My 165P6S is already enjoying it!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

what’s it bring new?

match more media… LOL

Just flashed to it myself, I’ll give it a run shortly :smiley:

so far, so good for me!!
I have better result with the media I actually use!!!

where’s the 165h6s f/w?!

Verbatim DVD-R 16x, MCC03RG20, India, at 12x
SB, OHT - on
HT, OS - off

Still not good enough with standard settings…
The jitter is way too high which makes my Aopen DVD-Rom struggle.

Verbatim made in India (MCC004)