No more LiteOn DVD-Writer 851S after Firmware-Update



Hi there guys,

I KNOW - it’s a problem which a lot of people stil have had hier.

But I please you understand me, starting a new topic. Just want to tell you why :wink:

The hole afternoon I worked with my LiteOn flashing and patching the LiteOn for several things (speedhack, etcpp). For all those thing I searched topics where I’ll get help, cause really NOTHING’s sucessfull and I got a lot of errors working with the tools.

so I used the search-function, read a lot of topics and found still some hints for my problems. So i get “hacked” the firmware’s - found solutions how to update it if windows-tools didn’t work and so on.

so at last, I do all I can and now, after flashing under DOS - my DVD-writer isn’t there.

Now, after searching all the afternoon, I’m really a wrack and I hope you’ll be able to hear my problem and give me a helping hint (or link!) even if it’s written here a lot of time; but I can’t find a solution now with the search-function for me.

So, first my hardware. The dvd-writer is in my second pc, which is:

AMD Athlon 900
256 MB Cache
Windows 98 SE
LiteOn 851S-Writer (old firmware f; new firmware h (patched) at secondary master

So, I got really a lot of problems; some of the tools will not work with my system, e.g. XflashX. But I worked on and at least I run the update for the dvd unter dos with the originaly liteon-dos-tool mtkflash.

Even the LiteOn-EXE for flashing it doesn’t work here cause it told me: now drive found.

I entered the string mtkflash 3 w hs00.bin and the commands shown on the screen told me for every bank: OK.

I really got happy about that :wink: but only for a short time. Cause now, bios and windows isn’t able to detect the drive and now i didn’t have a dvd-writer anymore :frowning:

So, the still stupid question from a really irratatet newbie about working with the liteon-tools: WHAT NOW ?

I’m really happy for a easy hint or link for a solution; cause at moment I’m not really able to search and read more cause I’m not able to find the needed point in a lot sided threads.

A big thanks to you for the possibility to understand that :slight_smile:




Start by trying everything found in this thread, it’s a great resource and should help you out.


Thnx! I’ll do and report - a lot of stuff to do :eek:

Are there any known problems using those tools with win98 or is that just the simple “only at your hardware”-effect ?



mtkflash is actually a DOS based program so it doesn’t matter what OS you are using.


Yes, that’s clear :slight_smile:

I just mean it watching to all the other programms of the tool collection which won’t work in my windows… :wink:

ok, first “try” to repair:
This one postet last in your supposed thread
I just found too yesterday, no result.

Just another question: Anyone here who has a regular bin-firmware for me ?

Cause (don’t ask why) the “Bin-Extractor” from the original LiteOn-EXE doens’t work and crashes starting it too…

The only I have is the “patched” bin…

An last question for now: is this regular, that the drivelamp doesn’t turn on using mtkflash ?


Find BIN’s here.


YEAHR :iagree:

Using the firmware of the drive it has as I bought it (0A) with mtkflash/dos my drive’s still back and alive :slight_smile:

May there be a reason my drive didn’t like the new 0H-firmware ?

So Ssseth, let me tell a big thnx ro you :bow: for helping and your great patience you’ve got with “my” (and sure others!) problem.

People like you are a great thing for every one and especially for this board :slight_smile:

just go on!



Flashes just go wrong somtimes. Thankfully it’s pretty rare but as you know can happen.

If you still want to try GS0H you can do so using mtkflash and a .bin copy found here. Or, you could also try flashing from Windows using LtnFW.

Anyway, glad to hear your drive is alive again. :smiley: