No more Fujifilm Brand - TY's For Me



I went through 3/50 pks of Fuji TYG02’s today. The +R’s have been ifi for me and now i finally find some -R TYG02’s and they are crap. All bought at Best Buy. Scans comming up from my BenQ and NEC. The batch #'s are GG000102 and GG000035. Burn times are crappy. They have splaters of something on the dye on the outer edge of the disk on all 50 of them in each 50/pk. If i had a good camera i’d post a pic of it.


Couldn’t get a transfer test to run on my NEC :eek: Burn time is crap. And that’s being nice :wink:


No go on transfer test on NEC or BenQ on this disk. Notice the burn times.


Here’s my NEC with the GG000035’s. No more Fuji’s for me. They’re all going back. :a



Jesterrace had the similar experience with the Fuji stuff a month or so ago-

Yup - I’d return 'em IMO-



Just to make sure nothing was wrong with my drive. I ran them on my NEC plus ran a Fuji TY02 that are fairly decent that i have here. Here’s a TG001125 from a 50 pk i bought awhile back.


Yo Mike

lol They are going back. I guess Rima doesn’t sell this kind of crap? Hope not


i’ve used about 600 -R’s from rima and have yet to see a bad scan :iagree:


Looks like you get different Fuji in the US. I have been using Fuiji DVD +R ( made in Germany ) Yuden000 T02 and Taiyo Yuden DVD - R ( Japan) TYG02. I tend to make 2 or 3 back ups . Sometime I get a theortically better result with the Fuji, other times with the Taiyo. I don’t think the difference between say 181 PI Failures (5 max) and 208 PI failures is significant.


Your not looking at the times. I can buy CMC MAG media that out perform these disks. Had one disk i tested that i didn’t save that took 22 mins to burn @ 16x. Scans looked good but come on now :wink:


Sorry - I wasn’t really looking at the times. My only excuse is that its 1:40 am here and Its been a long day. I can’t understand why any disk would take 22 minutes


Me either :wink: All my other media works fine in both my burners. Not sure why these don’t. I have to rule out the burners since it does the same for both. Wierd…


Fuji TY 8x -R bought at Best Buy this morning. GG000102
Burned at 16x on my 1620. The transfer rate does looks bad, but then again, it was burned at 16x.


Same spindle. Burned at 8x on my 3500. I don’t see anything wrong with these discs (yet).


:iagree: Yep …uh huh Do they have splaters of something on the outer part of the disk? Mine are crap. Yours might be good and others are having good luck with them but mine are going back.


Not that I’ve noticed. But by all means, take yours back if your not happy with them. If i was getting the same results as you, I would return them. I just wanted to show that my results were not as bad as yours.


They probably stored the discs in 170F warehouses in Missery. I’d definely exchange them. You can also contact Fuji for a return label. Make sure you tell them to ship you the MIJ media.


I appreciate you showing me your scans. I just had more expectations with the ones i got.


I’m thinking about that instead of returning them to BB. Thanks. If i use anymore of them they won’t take them back so end of tests for me.


Burned at 12x in my 3500 :Z
No problem with the transfer rate though.