No more dvd-r burning (NEC ND-1300A)

[qanda]This thread is about the NEC ND-1300A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello

This is my first post so please be gentle with me.

I have a quite old pc with the original cd-+rw/dvd-+rw writer installed. Recently it has stopped burning dvd-r’s for some reason. Since i noticed that, i have successfully burned a dvd-rw but dvd-r’s still wont burn. No idea why. At first i thought i had dodgy dvd’s so i bought a new pack and the same problem.

I understand that my burner is quite old and upon googling my “nero” error of “illegal disc” i have been led through a strange new world of firmware flashing. I have tried several from 1.0A-1.0C-1.08 but all make no change. I think it may be because i have an oem burner but i’m not sure.

After flashing the burner and restarting the pc i get windows telling me that it has found new hardware, a cd-rom device!! When i put a dvd-r in i am prompted with the “what would you like to do with this cd!!!” I think i have broken it i really do.

Time for a new burner or do i just need to get less retarded.

Thanks for reading. I can provide my nero error log if needed

Start Nero Info tool. (it should be part of the tools in the full Nero Burning Suite). If you don’t have it, Nero Info tool is free to download and use. I just want to know which firmware you have in the drive now. The last one released was the 1.08 I believe?

I have this old drive but the only media I would try to use in it nowadays would be 8x Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden 8x +R disks. Most of the rest of the newer media just won’t be recognized by the burner, and you’ll get poor or failed burns.

You can order 8x +R Taiyo Yuden online from or if you are in the US. You can still find some 8x Verbatim at Best Buy…look for the disks that have the movie reel picture on the top of the disk. Those two media types would be the best bet in this old burner.

You’d be better off getting a new drive though. Look at the NEC Optiarc drives, like this one:
or this Pioneer drive: It also comes in black if you prefer.

You’ll need an 80 wire IDE cable…check your current IDE cable to make sure it is 80 wire, or get a new cable when you buy the new drive.

Also, when you install the new one, if you replace the 1300a check to see if the old drive is set as Master or Slave on the IDE cable. There is a little jumper on the back of the drive that has to be set correctly. Any drive set as Master goes on the very end of the cable, and set as Slave, it plugs in with the middle connector.

That was a faster reply than i was expecting.

I have firmware version 1.08. Upon checking the dvd’s that used to work they are indeed 8X. the new ones are 16X. I just got my hands on a 16X dvd+r and it burned ok.

Even so, i think it’s time for a new drive as i now have 75 dvd-r’s that i won’t be able to use otherwise. I’m ordering the pioneer one in your link right now :iagree:

Thanks for the help