No more counterfeited DVD's in San Jose

I just posted the article No more counterfeited DVD’s in San Jose.

Last monday the San Jose police department was shocked after a call from officer Warren. With a speed of 7 DVD’s every five minutes the latest premieres were produced on the city’s East Side. Officer…

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Good for them, they are criminals and should be locked up!

Shame that I was not that sales person :wink:

I saw 7 DVD’s every five minutes which means they would of had to been burning DVD’s for 200 days straight - non stop, and then simply not have gotten rid of any of them by selling them. That wouldn’t make any sense. So then I thought, well maybe each tower puts out 7 DVD’s every five minutes, but that means it would have still taken 33 days of constant burning to produce that many DVD’s. Even longer if you were actually selling some off as you were making them. Possible, but the numbers still didn’t seem right in my head. So I Google the article and found the mistake here. Apparently they were pumping out 72 DVD’s every five minutes according to the article. :slight_smile: