No more cloncd 4 :(

I have a question:

Tha CCD4 Betas …should they not be free for testing. That’s what i tought. I did change my mobo and maybe someting happened with the date and time settings:

CloneCD is not free!

This is an evaluation version of copyrighted software.
Evaluation period of CloneCD has expired!
Please check the program’s documentation for details.

Ehrm… Did you just change mobo or reinstall the lot?
Maybe it’s time for you to adjust your clock… :confused: :slight_smile:

CloneCD 4 is ‘free’ if you’ve registered version 3. If you haven’t registered you can use the program for a 21 day evaluation period and by the looks of it, yours has expired. If you bought a registration code for CloneCD 3 you can use this to register version 4.