No more Blu-ray for some TV shows

I just posted the article No more Blu-ray for some TV shows.

Studios are scaling back their catalog of television seasons on Blu-ray, instead offering the shows on DVD only.

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Simple solution is better pricing same as movies…

Ummm this isn’t exactly news. The last season (and only season) of rescue me to come out on bluray was season 3 and that was a few years back now. Season 4 didn’t come out on blu a few years ago, and now season 5 won’t thats old news.

As for me I refuse to buy stuff on dvd if I know it was shot on film or in HD. I don’t want to get double dipped.

The fact they used rescue me as an example makes me think this article isn’t very factual, as the decision to stop putting rescue me on blu was a very old decision. Hopefully we see more release on blu in the near future (as more people get the players, and those of making blurays goes down).

Yea…not bad considering not many shows are shot in HD and those that are will be released on bluray.

Plus for those of us that only own bluray players they also play standard DVD’s remember?