No more 8x using nero 5.5 and CW-7503

Hi Guys,
Ever since upgrading to the 5.5 versions of Nero my Panasonic/Matsushita CW-7503 seems to have lost its abilty to write at 8x. Now, it is only recognised as having a top burn speed of 4x :frowning:

Anyone had similar experiences?? Checked firmware version, and this is OK. Downloaded latest cdrom.cfg. No help. I’ll try a different serial # tonight to see if that helps. Wierd cause only happened after upgrading to Every version since then sees only 4x.




Go back to an earlier version of nero 5.5 ( or or retuen to Nero 5.048.Each of these versions is more stable then the last 2 versions.

If you would like to keep, uninstall the software, including InCD, if it is installed. Edit the registry of all Nero and Ahead entries (I can tell you how if you need to know). Do a search of your hard drive and remove all ahead and nero files. Reboot your computer. Before installing Nero again, turn off all unnecessary programs. You do this by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL and highlighting and deleting all programs except systray and explorer. Without rebooting, install nero and InCD, if you want it, too. Reboot. This will give you a fresh install without former program remnants interfering.

Please post again if you have any questions. (Note this install method was given to me by an employee of Ahead).

Good luck.

Thanks for your reply.

I’ll probably uninstall and go back to 5.0.x.x for the moment. Not sure that even if I do what you mentioned above regarding editing the registry etc. that my problem will be resolved. Was this advice given to you to solve general recognition problems of all burners?

Curious if you actually have a CW-7503 as well. Then i’ll know if it is Nero ‘at fault’ or if my systems needs modifcation.

Thanks again,


shokempo ,

My drive are an LG, plextor, teac and yamaha on several computers.

nero and are known to have some rather funky problems (drives disappearing or reduced speeds, etc.) if not installed correctly. I have seen this method work, though. I was having so many problems with nero that I uninstalled it and quit using it. I have on my computers now. Whenever I install Nero I use this method and I have had no more problems even though I have Nero, EZ CD 5 with DirectCD 5 and cloneCD installed on my computers.