No More $3 Coupon For Empty Ink @ Staples

Did you know notice that Staples no longer accept any none OEM brand empty ink cartridge and pay no $3 coupon for it Except for HP, Epson and Canon?

Yep, they changed that starting last August in my area.

They only except Lexmark,HP and Dell at my local Staples.

Anyone know a better use for expired HP cartridges. My wife’s work has loads of expired HP cartridges. Remember HP got sued for hardwiring their cartridges to expire?
They threw them out and we have been getting $3 for them.

HP should refund the $30.

they are only accepting these 3 brands: HP, Lexmark, and Dell. They are no longer accepting Canon and Epson even they are genuine empty ink cartdridges

Wow, then what store accepting these genetic refill empty cartridges?

I take my Canon and genetic Canon empty cartridges to Office Max for $3 credit at time of purchase of other items as OM has no coupons. You may get credit for 5 cartridges at a time. I usually wait until OM has Verb DVD’s on sale at $12.99 <g>.

yeah pissed me off. I went there last year with smile on my face and 4 empty Epson carts in hand and they said they don’t take Epson carts so i left and bought some from Meritline.

I feel you, I have the Epson R200 and R320, and I print a lot on the DVD/CD and I have a stock pile of empty ink cartdridges on those, too bad they dont take them anymore. But I couldn’t care less because I got each cartdridge for less than $3 each. I was able to slip a few through Staples once awhile if they are not paying attention, so basically I made money by doing that, spend less than $3 per full ink cartdridge and redeemed the empty ones for $3 each

Thanks for the information on OM I will try them see how is it go.

same thing happened to me last year at my local Staples. I had my genuine Epson ink cartridges on hand thinking I was going to get $18 worth of credit and to my surprise I was told that they no longer excepted genuine Epson or Canon carts anymore. :mad:

I still have a bunch of Ridisc generic carts still left which I only paid $1 per cart. I thought I was going to make $2 per cart on those…Oh! well!

Hi swifty7 long time no see. Yes i was pissed off in the same way grrrrrrrrrrrr :a

May be we have to see if OM or OD they accept these genetic cartridges for $3 coupon for each.

Don’t waste your time, OM used to take mine all the time and it was great making money by buying generic IJ cartridges but they must of caught on because the last couple times I tried I was shot down and they said only Lexmark and HP cartridges. I still try when I see a new cashier but so
far I have had no luck.

Thanks for the information how about OD?.

OD is pretty much the same, at least when I tried to redeem my generic epson
compatable cartridges. I must have a dozen empties just looking for a place to
be cashed in at.

So in this case look like we don’t have any more choice but to trashed these genetic cartridges we have on hand. :smiley:

Looks that way but i still have about 300 emptys im holding on to just in case:)

I agree I am going also to hold on to my empty one you never know what is going to happen tomorrow.

$3 for any brand is back! However, instead of getting coupons on the spot, you get a reward voucher in the mail after a few months. This voucher can be used as cash at any Staples (and if you don’t spend it all in one trip, they’ll even give you a new voucher for the remaining value!)

Be careful, as vouchers/coupons can expire after about 6 months… they should just issue a staples cash card with the value on it or apply it to a purchase.