No message at end of disk 1, it just restarts

I posted on this months ago ( over on Idle) , never got it resolved. Thought I’d try again.

I avoid using my Fab Gold because of this annoying restart issue. My DVDXCOPY PLATINUM (when it works) does not do this, it stops with the ‘Insert Disk 2’ message. (Which is what I would love Fab to do)

Can’t understand how I appear to be only one with problem, since I think I’m pretty vanilla with my Athalon\Win2000\ Memorex burner.

Anyone encounter this problem? Any suggestions?


As I understand, you are trying to split a dvd9 to 2 dvd5s and when you you are burning the disc the first one completes and computer reboots. I’ve never split a disk so I may not be much help. First have you updated to Good tutorial on Gold:

Fengtao is reviewing the posts ao maybe he can help you.


I’m not certain I understand either…are you referring to playback at the end of dics 1???

Anytime have used Gold, the “insert disc 2” properly displayed at end of disc1 chapter split point. Only thing I saw that I still think might be there (and is annoying), is that after disc 2 inserted, “please insert disc 1” displays! However can usually fast forward through, or just wait, and disc moves on. Overcame by not displaying the menus on disc 2, however its an option,so should work either way correctly.

Sorry, let me clarify. I am referring to the two disks that I get from copying uncompressed ( which is what Fab does) a dual layer disc to two (4.7GB) single layer discs, which appears to me is the SOP for Fab. BOTH disks get burned. It is the PLAYBACK of these disks I am referring to.

I have two standard DVD players and the one in the computer, it does the same thing on all. When the burned disk 1 finishes playing the recorded material, it does not stop, there is no message, it immediately goes back to start of the disk ( you know the warning labels and all that stuff ) and starts playing the disk all over again ( actually the second disk does the same thing but since the movie is over I don’t care so much). I just find it very annoying to happen in the middle of a movie. I really don’t care if I get a message at the end, I just want the disk to stop and not restart. Then, at my leisure I can go put in disk 2.

If I remember right you have to tell Gold to insert the insert Disc2 message and there are several versions. There are several that you can download with links at end of tutorial. Gold also does DL Discs now. Here is a link to one of them:


Here it is in section 4 of the Gold Tutoral.


Thanks bigmacnc. That IS the screen I get. I usually leave it at ‘black screen’, but should selecting it or DVDFab, have anything to do with the disc not stopping and immediately starting over?

Also, below the image you provided are two selections; ‘preserve menu on disk 2’ and ‘jump directly to movie on disk 2’. On the assumption that it’s not a bad thing to have the menus on disk 2 if I ever want them, but generally want to go straight to the ‘second half’ of the movie, I check both selections. Am I possibly misunderstanding and making a mistake there?

Truthfully, I do no know. I usually just burn main movie. I did try the DL in Gold to see how it worked and had success, but till prices drop I’ll be using very few DLs. I have also used Gold to burn main movies and burn some short DVDs. I guess that I need to try the split disc mode too. I do not like all the previews etc, because of the time, I like going straight to movie.


I always split. I don’t like the idea of compression, esp since most of the DL movies are 7+ GB. That’s too much squeezing for me.

Concur on SL vs DL disks. I just picked up some 50 spindle Sony SLs at Staples for $15.00. What do you get, 4 or 5 Dls for that price? I can get up once an hour to switch disks.

Fortunately I have not run across too many movies that have previews on them. With 30 cent blanks you might experiment with deleting the previews. No guarantee, but I have been successful with going to the DVDFab_temp file before burning the disks, opening the Video_TS folder and double clicking on the VOB files. Your video player program should start up. When you find the ‘preview’ VOB, delete it, then burn the disk(s). It’s worked for me. I have also found that for the disks with dual format on one side that usually gets split nicely into disk 1 and disk 2. I then check to see which is the widescreen and then just burn it.

Still would like to get the disk restarting problem solved though.

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